Xenoblade Chronicles X OST

YMLTA: Xenoblade Chronicles X Original Soundtrack

With the upcoming English release of Xenoblade Chronicles X on the Nintendo Wii U, I would like to showcase and present the complete original soundtrack for the game, composed by Hiroyuki Sawano. Known for his dramatic soundtracks which utilize electronica, rock, and orchestra to blend into his own unique style, this album is his first major video game soundtrack after doing famous Japanese Drama soundtracks and anime soundtracks.

This 4-disc album contains all (that I am aware of) the music used in Xenoblade Chronicles X, and is quite an engaging, overall upbeat album worth listening to! His mix of electronic stylings with splashes of more ethnic instrumentation gives his unusual approach to making a score that you would want to listen over and over.

I really enjoyed how engaging and exciting this album is, even before I played the game itself! Many soundtracks I usually appreciate more after playing or watching where it is from, but since I am already familiar and a fan of Sawano, getting this album was a no-brainer, and am very glad to have purchased it.

As you are listening to his album via the Youtube playlist, here are some tracks of note:

Track 1-01: CodenameZ: starts the album with a bang, an overture about the album in general.
Track 1-03: No.EX01: gives a dramatic string feel that reminded me of his work in the Japanese Drama Iryu ~Team Medical Dragon.
Track 2-06: z39b comical: starts off funky and then transitions to a more light-hearted piece.
Track 2-09: z37 battle: is a battle piece that feels like a piece from his Attack on Titan soundtrack.

To sum it up, You May Like This Album if:

  • You want a soundtrack that has heavy electronic, guitar, and classic instrumentation blended nicely together
  • Are a fan of Hiroyuki Sawano: his style, vocalists, and overall music feeling
  • A well-pieced soundtrack that does not sound like a typical soundtrack

Another great soundtrack from Hiroyuki Sawano, well worth the CD purchase (there is no Hi-Res version as of this writing), and a fine addition to the great soundtracks he has done so far.

One thing to note: his weird song naming system is here in place, as that might be a slight annoyance, but I see it as his personal taste, even down to how the songs are named. For help with naming (as well as more album information) you can click this link to VGMdb.

Buy it through my affiliate link at CDJapan:
Xenoblade Chronicles X Original Soundtrack