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YMLTA: Tales of Orchestra Concert Album

Video game melodies performed by a professional orchestra? Yes, they do exist, and it is as grand as you think.

Ahh to hear more video game melodies done in the classiest way: with a full orchestra! Grand and beautiful, and with nostalgia to boot!

And for this article on You May Like This Album I present: Tales of Orchestra Concert Album:

Orchestra Music from Video Games?

Many video game music fans are already familiar with the Nobuo Uematsu Final Fantasy concerts which have orchestrated renditions of known Final Fantasy songs. Or possibly of the Video Games Live concert series with a wide variety of music from popular video games.

You may have fond memories of playing a Mozart or Beethoven piece in your school band, or went to see an orchestra concert for a high school or college assignment. Maybe classical music was a genre you grew to like or was at least OK with.

Maybe you had a notion that instead of hearing the same pieces you heard from composed who existed 300 years before you, you wanted to hear something you have played recently, but in full ensemble form.

Well, thanks to the efforts of fellow video game fans who loved classical music, there are now more and more Video Game concerts for you to enjoy your game music!

Remembering My First Experience

I remember my first Video Game concert experience, it was More Friends: Music from Final Fantasy in 2005. When I went with some friends (and bigger Final Fantasy fans than me) I was simply amazed on seeing a orchestral concert to Final Fantasy music I enjoyed. Would have never imagined I would see something like this!

Seeing a concert with that scale (plus seeing composer Nobuo Uematsu performing too!) set a notion in me that video game music can be something more than just bleeps and bloops TV and movies love to portray as. Music from video game can be on the same level as popular styles many snooty people would pass off as “child stuff.”

An Album with the Best of the Tales Series

To the main point, this album is a 20th Anniversary of the Tales games, performed by the Tokyo Philharmonic Orchestra. It has an assortment of tracks from the first game Tales of Phantasia (back in 1995) all the way to the newest game Tales of Zestiria.

How I love listening to this album! The dynamic range, with the beautiful rich brass, percussion, strings, everything! Fabulous arrangements of favorite melodies such as “The Dream Will Not Die ~The Spilling Drops of Time~ [Tales of Phantasia]” and “mirrors ~meaning of birth Medley [Tales of the Abyss]” among more picked for this celebration of the Tales games.

Some Pieces of Note (and their Waveforms)

Song 3: “Tales of” Boss Battle Medley (from various Tales games) -A nice mix of boss themes, gives you that epic feeling of fighting a tough boss you had to beat! Especially for the inclusion of Lion-Irony of Fate from Tales of Destiny!

Song 6 (7 on Hi-Res DL): Starry Heavens (from Tales of Symphonia) -The theme song of said game, originally performed by Day After Tomorrow. A lively piece, and sounds grander than the original song.

Song 15 (16 on Hi-Res DL): Yume de Aru Youni (from Tales of Destiny) -A very memorable piece for me, from the first game I played of the Tales series. Very beautiful, and best served as the ending piece that leaves a lasting impression for the album as a whole.

A Hi-Res Exclusive?

Other than having a more dynamic range you would expect from a full orchestra recording, there is a special bonus only in the Hi-Res release: a Tales of Phantasia Field Medley track. A nice little incentive to get the Hi-Res digital download over the Physical CD (or get both, if you got the money!).

To sum it up, You May Like This Album if:

  • You are a big fan of the Tales games by Namco Bandai.
  • You love orchestral renditions of video game music. This one will not disappoint!
  • Want a complete orchestral album to fit into your collection nicely with your other music

I admit I have not played all the Tales series games (started on Destiny, then Eternia, played a bit of Phantasia on Gameboy Advanced, some of Destiny 2, and finished Xillia), but found the album very enjoyable and complete.

I hope that they will make a second one, love hearing more orchestral arrangement from the Tales series!

More album information can be found at VGMdb.

Physical CD or Hi-Res Download?

Here are links to either version of the album whether you want something to hold and place on your impressive bookshelf of music, or want the sonically superior Hi-Res and exclusive track on your computer:

1_General CDJapan

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Get the 24/96 digital download album at mora.jp.