Stardew Valley Original Soundtrack

YMLTA: Stardew Valley Soundtrack

For this month’s You May Like This Album, here is something a bit different: the Stardew Valley Original Soundtrack by ConcernedApe (Eric Barone)

Calm and Quaint Score

This soundtrack is light and relaxing. There are no giant orchestras or vocal songs usually seen on modern games.

For those of us who grew up in the 8-bit and 16-bit generation of games, this soundtrack feel will feel nostalgic.

I enjoyed on how relaxing and simple this soundtrack is.

Origin as a Fangame

For those who have played the game, it can remind you of the Harvest Moon series. In fact, this game started as a fan project of that series at first!

ConcernedApe actually wanted to create a Harvest Moon-style game that stayed closer to its roots. He felt the current direction the latest games of the series went off course.

Being an indie game, Stardew Valley would be a game that might fly under your radar, but it is worth the try and buy.

On the game itself, you can read a review from ArsTechnica and judge for yourself if you can sink hours playing another farm simulator.

If not then watch the official trailer below:

Soundtrack Highlights

To start off, Track 1Stardew Valley Overture” introduces you to the easy-going setting of this game. A synth flute leads this charming track through.

Skipping to Track 10Fun Festival” a merry banjo plays, giving happy thoughts while you think about visiting a local farmers’ market.

Track 62Mines (Visitor To The Unknown)” gives a more mysterious track with intrigue and a sense of adventure to the unknown.

These and a lot more tracks (70 in total!) complete the audio experience that is of Stardew Valley.

File Format Issue

Even though I thoroughly enjoyed this soundtrack (great for studying or day lounging), there is a problem with file format:

The soundtrack only comes in mp3!

I mean, I would have easily paid for at least a CD-quality WAV or FLAC format files!

Yes I understand there is not much demand for lossless from a not well know indie game, and even any sales of the soundtrack can help.

But sadly, the files came in mp3. Well, for less than five bucks you get over two hours of great music! Makes you want to go and take care of your own 8-bit farm!


To sum it up, You May Like This Album if:

  • You like simple but well-done soundtrack music
  • Study music is a necessity
  • You have nostalgia dreams back to the 16-bit days and want music that captures that

Listen to the entire soundtrack below from Youtube:

When you finished listening, you can buy the entire album (in mp3 ;_;) either from the main site or from the Steam Store:

Stardew Valley Official Site

Steam Store