YMLTA: QUADRA Single Collection 95​-​07

On this month’s You May Like This Album, I present the Quadra Complete Selection 95-07 / Single Collection (2016 Remaster), a pure electronic instrumental and techno album from QUADRA, also known as Hiroshi Watanabe.

Hiroshi Watanabe, a prolific DJ, remixer, composer, and overall awesome musician, has had many aliases you probably have recognized in video game and anime: QUADRA, NITE SYSTEM, DJ FX, Crunky Boy, DJ Mazinger, DEEP EMOTION, DJ ODDBALL, Tread, Tiny Balance and Kaito. He has done remixes and re-arranged tracks for Metal Gear Solid, Parasite Eve, Beatmania series, TEXHNOLYZE, Eureka Seven, Tekken games, and Persona 3 & 4.

Possibly How I Became A Fan of His

I may have heard of his other aliases from the Beatmania games, but never linked his “DJ Mazinger” or “Crunky Boy” names to “QUADRA” to each other. I do admit I like the QUADRA songs that I played and listened to, and also with many other Bemani songs. But if I had to say a song that stood out for me that I liked from him would be “Get It By Your Hands” from Eureka Seven.

Although I wasn’t the type to go to clubs and dance to all forms of electronica, somehow this song felt a sort of nostalgia of the 90’s. I remember listening back in the early 2000’s to the Friday and Saturday night radio stations that played club music without commercials. Normally they played alternative or the latest pop rock, but only on Friday and Saturday night I got to listen to these engaging music that got me very excited.

As an introvert, I don’t actively go dancing in front of others, rather choosing to engage in the music while either reading or doing another single activity. This song reminded me of those times, a nostalgic sort that I love.

A Great Collection of His (Even to Start Off With)

Unfortunately the song I just mentioned is not in this album, but if you like his style, this album greatly fills that requirement. The bass is rich, the beats are addictive, and each track is rather long (average 6 minutes each!). Listening to this album over and over this past weekend, ahh such a great collection for those nights I want to clear my head and relax.

In the vast sea of electronic music (there are so many styles and genres I still am trying to learn about), this album is definitely one that deserves to be part of your collection. I do not want to say that this is intelligent dance music, but for me this album and style make me think, and I like thinking.

To sum it up, You May Like This Album if:

  • You love thinking techno electronic music
  • Dancing in your head is something you consider as a past time
  • You need great electronic music at a higher resolution than CD (Lossless files come in 24-bit / 48kHz)

Listen to the whole album on his Bandcamp site, as well as buy this and other albums:
Hiroshi Watanabe Bandcamp
You can find more information on what he has worked on at VGMdb or at his website HIROSHI WATANABE official site.