nano - nanoir

YMLTA: nano – nanoir

Here is the second of the series “You May Like This Album” now with our second choice: nanoir by former Utaite Japanese and English singer nano.

This album is her first major release album, which consists of re-arrangements of songs originally done with Vocaloids. Some of these songs are sung partially or fully in English, as nano was raised in New York City before debuting in Japan. Here is an official playlist mix of her album:

This album has a nice mix of dramatic rock, fun pop, and touching emotional pieces that engages your emotions. The first song “magenta” starts the album powerfully and gives you the vibe that this album is going to be awesome! Song 6 “Omoide Kakera” with her English version is engaging and gives you the energy to continue on. Her version of the famous Vocaloid song “Just Be Friends” give a more raw and emotional (i.e. less poppy) feel to it, mixing in Japanese and English lyrics to form a great blend. In contrast “Melancholic” featuring fellow Utaite singer neko is a happy and fun song to enjoy.

nano – nanoir: The Hi-Res Version?

You will really feel the full rock set here: strong vocals, guitar, bass, and drums through your quality speakers and headphones. I already liked “magenta” and “Just Be Friends” prior to purchasing this album, and love how whole-sounding these tracks, and all the tracks sound on my systems. Really great on my Sennheiser 555 phones!

To sum it up, You Make Like This Album if:

  • You like great sounding hard rock.
  • You like Vocaloid songs, especially covered by great singers.
  • You like Vocaloid songs in English.
  • You like more alto-ranged female singers, or a fan of nano in general.

Like It? Buy the Hi-Res album from mora in FLAC by following this link:
Buy the album here at mora in 24-bit / 48kHz!

Need help buying from e-onkyo or mora? I have made guides on how to purchase in case you do not understand Japanese, found under the “Guides” menu at top. NOTE: You will need to purchase an e-card as well as have a VPN to buy any albums from mora (both stores are region-locked)