Final Fantasy Record Keeper Soundtrack

YMLTA: Final Fantasy Record Keeper OST

For this month’s You May Like This Album, it is another video game soundtrack, but this one is more of a remix and rearrangement album. This album is the soundtrack for mobile game Final Fantasy Record Keeper.

In this game, you venture onto various worlds and “Realms” that are taken from other Final Fantasy games. You also will get bonus party members from various other Final Fantasy games, and everything is rendered onto old-school 2D-sprites.

Keeping with the nature of this game, the soundtrack has tracks taken from previous Final Fantasy titles. Some are stand-alone pieces, and other tracks are medleys pertaining to real-life events like Valentine’s Day and Christmas.

Great Collection of Rearrangements!

This album has 21-tracks, a bit scant compared to standard video game soundtracks, but all the songs are very satisfying to listen. I admit I have not played Final Fantasy Record Keeper itself, been busy with such things as moving across town as well as most of my gaming consists of Final Fantasy XIV.

See, I have always liked fanmade and doujin songs from Anime and Video Games. I really love a lot of great renditions from professionals like this album, to ones from great composers and musicians like in the Overclocked Community. I even tried my hand before at my Soundcloud account (remixing the main Pacific Rim theme), and would want to do more in the future.

Each of these songs in this album gives their own flavors to enjoy, take a listen below:

Soundtrack Highlights

Although I like all the tracks in this album, let me describe the ones I really enjoyed:

Track 2: “Battle at the Big Bridge ~Ver.1~ FFRK Ver. arrange” is probably the most epic version of Gilgamesh’s (of Final Fantasy V) theme ever. It even has background vocals! Such glorious music for one rather humorous and annoying boss character!

Track 11: “The Man with the Machine Gun FFRK Ver. arrange from FFVIII” is one of the best remixes of Laguna’s theme from Final Fantasy VIII. The original theme is already catchy and engaging, and this one adds a nice dance touch to it. Really love this song!

Track 18: “Pa-Paya FFRK Ver. arrange from FFXIV” is the only representative from Final Fantasy XIV, and remixed by XIV’s composer himself, Masayoshi Soken. A plucked-strings version of this happy song, and still festive as ever!

Track 20: “Crazy Motorcycle FFRK Ver. arrange from FFVII” is of the famous bike chase scene from Final Fantasy VII. This one also has some ominous chanting in the background, and is very engaging and gives that feeling of racing.

Just listen to all the tracks, and you do not need to go in order either!

To sum it up, You May Like This Album if:

  • You are a Final Fantasy music fan.
  • You love remixes of video game music.
  • You love GREAT & PROFESSIONAL remixes.

You can buy the album in HiRes 24-bit/48kHz WAV, FLAC, or ALAC at Ototoy.

If you would rather want the CD version and have a physical copy, get one at my affiliate link at CDJapan:

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