BERNIS - The stars my destination

YMLTA: Bernis – The stars my destination

For this month’s You May Like This Album, I present a Vocaloid album: The stars my destination by BERNIS (aka Jizel). This soothing, uplifting trance album that utilizes Hatsune Miku is one that will brighten your day or night.

Miku’s voice is not harsh, and all the words flow and compliment well with the music. It is very melodious, with great compositions and mixing that does not sound like indie work at all.

How I Enjoy This Album

You might have your ways on how you enjoy your music and soundtracks: listening in your headphones while traveling, or at home with your home theater. Maybe some nice earpods or through that $10,000 stereo system. As for me there is one particular event that I really enjoy this album: while driving at night.

Back from my home area of Los Angeles, many time I would just drive through the freeways and blast trance music through the stereo. Sometimes when I had nothing to put in the CD player (yes this was before Bluetooth pairing and whatnot), I would even play the dance stations that played only around midnight.

What an exhilarating feeling of music that moves you, as you coast your away around the near-empty freeways with nothing but you and your music.

Or Maybe not While Driving

Another way I enjoy this album is just lying down, and either staring at the ceiling wondering about life and my future. Or better, if you are staring at the stars with close friends and loved ones.

Whatever how you listen to music, this album is great for a peaceful or meditative event.

Some Tracks of Note

#3: Bianca An uplifting trance song, with an overall feeling that there is hope for tomorrow. Miku on this track (and on every track she is on) has her voice light and flowy.
#6: Here Bereaved -Irreversibility- A more dance-oriented, track, gets you to feel the beat.
#11: The stars my destination” The titular track, a seemingly sorrowful song at first, but becomes a song sure to give you peace.

After this album, I became a fan of BERNIS’ uplifting trance style and great programming of Miku to match the light yet dreamy music. I would definitely get another of his album when he makes one!

To sum it up, You May Like This Album if:

  • You love Vocaloid and want to have a great album in your collection.
  • Great electronic music, especially if you like your light trance.
  • Want great night music to either drive around your city, or to stargaze with.

Where to Get It?

Give the entire soundtrack a test try at his Bandcamp page (and purchase it digitally to up to 16-bit/44.1kHz):
Bernis Music logo Or if you really want the CD itself, get it at Diverse Direct (they do ship outside of Japan!):

Diverse Direct logo