Ai Otsuka Love Tricky

YMLTA: Ai Otsuka – Love Tricky

Here is the first type of article I would like to call “You May Like This Album” which is a series of music albums that I like and bought in Hi-Res (or at least in CD-Resolution downloads or on Physical CDs) and would like to recommend.

Let’s start this article series with the 2015 album Love Tricky by Ai Otsuka, which is her seventh studio album, second album after her six-year hiatus, and first studio album that did not have single released prior. I have previously mentioned about this album in my post about traveling to Seattle and how it was on my phone for road trip enjoyment. Here is an official playlist mix music video for the album:

This album is different from her previous albums, especially the albums before her six-year break for her pregnancy, in that it departs from her cute, catchy and unique pop rock style. This album has a more modren pop-electronic feel to it, but still keeping her style of playfulness. The songs are more varied, as from the preview video shows, ranging from modern dance songs, to slower and easy songs of comfort.

The first five songs are the more upbeat, dance-pop that leave an impression of intrigue and set how this album should start: strong and makes you feel like dancing. The later half of the album changes to more easy-going fare, songs that you can relax on a couch, or on a sunny day in your car driving along the coast.

The Hi-Res Version?

Especially for the Hi-Res release, on good speakers and headphones, you can really feel the bass and groove that set the mood for this album moreso than the lossy versions. Track 2 “laugh” is especially engaging on my speakers as that deep low bass feels through your ears and throughout your body, just play it with the lights low, the speakers/headphones loud enough, and feel.


To sum it up, You Make Like This Album if:

  • You like dance-pop but not your standard dance-pop
  • You are a fan of Ai Otsuka, as like to see her music grow
  • You like a variety in your rock-pop, with a mix of upbeat and easygoing songs

Buy The Album

Like It? Buy the Hi-Res album from Ototoy in WAV, FLAC, or ALAC by following this link:
Buy the album here at Ototoy in 24-bit, 96kHz!

Need help buying from Ototoy? Here are guides I made in case you do not understand Japanese (don’t worry as far as I know they take non-Japanese credit cards, worked for me):
How to signup for an account at Ototoy and add credit card information
How to purchase an album from Ototoy and download