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What Would You Like to See More?

Hello all! This week’s post is not an extensive one like my previous postings. Allow me to cut to the chase: I need help!

I have been fumbling around with ideas to write about this week, about the buzz with MQA, current anime season stuff, more about introversion, many topics that I just couldn’t settle on. I would not call it a writer’s block, but rather just that I have stumbled and it is taking awhile to get back up.

You probably have had a similar feeling, whether working on a college essay, or deciding what to draw, or maybe how to re-arrange that story floating around in your head. Mine are all jumbled around, and need to get arranged in some kind of order. So with that I ask of you:

What would you want me to write about?

What would you like to see here? Feel free to pick more than one answer, and if you want to make another suggestion not among the choices, or would want to give more intimate detail, feel free to hit that nice little Mail button on the right there, don’t be shy.

What would you like to see from this site? What would you like to see more (or less) of? Are there specific problems that I may be help answer with? Or maybe advice that you have more knowledge of that can help? Anything that you feel would be a great help, I am all ears!

I will round up the answers you all will lovingly provide, then go from there. Thank you again for all your help!

What would you like to see more from A Sound Upgrade?

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