W&G Mascots

The Mascots of Winter & Gaia:

This page is a brief summary of the characters that will be appearing on this site, A Sound Upgrade, as well as other websites under the Winter & Gaia circle. These characters were created by Albert and Steve, founders of Winter & Gaia, and Steve is the main artist for the majority of original drawings found here. He also commissions fellow DeviantArtists to create the mascots in their styles.



Cheerful and very optimistic, Gaia is a young teenage girl that represents the spirit of Earth. She has a very outgoing personality and isn’t keen on staying indoors for too long. She tries to be very positive at what she does, though she also lacks the skills to understand concepts such as technology. She is often hanging out with her friends and enjoys spending time with them. She enjoys sweets and dislike anything sour. Gaia is seen often wearing the colors green and blue, a representation of the colors of Earth. Her symbols are butterflies.



Winter is a young adult who comes off as an introvert.  She is often seen staying in home and normally wasting her day playing video games (especially JRPGs and MMORPGs).  She has a dislike for going outdoors and have a hard time dealing with groups of people. While she mainly dresses plainly and lazily indoors, she has shown to have a good sense of modest fashion when outdoors. She enjoys indoor drinking and hates the thought of exercising or sweating. As her name applies, her colors are often blue and purple but her color of representation is Lavender (much like her hair). Her symbols are snowflakes.


Profile_ArgieArgie (R.G.):

Though Argie looks like a bird, he is actually a small dinosaur-bird like creature. He tends to make a lots of insultive jokes towards everyone and is quick to retort if there is an opening for jokes/pranks. Though he tends to come off as a malicious creature, he doesn’t mean any harm and often sees his actions as a friendly joke (though he sometimes does go too far). Though often seen with Reqq, Argie has a closes fondness with Andou and Raquelle. Argie is base on a mixture of a Velociraptor and a Archaeopteryx.



Reqq is a shark like creature with high intelligence and snarkyness. He tends to talk to himself and likes to keep things in ideal order.  He becomes very impatient when others are not following directions around him. He is often seen hanging out with Argie and both tends to get into arguments and fighting. Though they tend to argue with each other, they are also good friends with each other which often results in much mischief to the other characters. He is considered a deep thinker and tends to lay around on Gaia or Winter when he is feeling alone. Reqq (despite his looks) is a small Megalodon hybrid shark, and can twist his symmetrical tail.



Andou is a Salaryman who looks after Winter and Gaia. He is their source of income and often acts like their older brother. Though they aren’t related, he treats both of them as his younger sisters and even lets them have their own room.  He tends to be the mediator between the two when they don’t get along. Andou is often tired and dislikes his job, as he works for a large business (seemingly related to tech). Prone to frustration from work and home, he escapes once a week to his pottery classes where he meets Raquelle (though Argie follows him as well). His symbol is a Tie.



A young and beautiful woman who takes the same pottery class as Andou. She carries a very reserved and proper personality. Her mannerisms is that of a mature women. She took an interest in Andou when he was followed by Argie one day. Nothing much is known about her, only for the fact that she only appears when Andou is taking his pottery class. Her symbol are of feathers.


For more art, please check Steve’s DeviantArt page at: