Winter Cannot Priorotize

Time Management: You Can’t Do Everything!

Hi all, it’s been a while since I last updated. Yes, I have been quite busy with an online MMORPG called Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn. Just like getting any new video game, or marathon-ing a finished anime show, I will find myself absorbed and devote much of my time to the game or show.

But when I finish the last episode and anything left are mainly Blu-Ray/DVD bonuses, my intensity and fervor for the show weens off. For video games, when I beat the main story, and all that is left is extra items or grinding for bragging rights.

I get a similar feeling that the high of the game wears off. So for Final Fantasy XIV, I have caught up with the main story line as well as the Heavensward expansion, I have reached that point when I step back to reality.

Overall, I am nowhere near completing everything there is to do in the game (in all good MMOs, there are waaaaaaaayyyy too much to do, and there are many in-game rewards for those who dedicate themselves). I only plan to do some guild stuff (called Free Companies in FFXIV), as well as taking my time with the side-quests and leveling up another job (class) slowly, but I know my devotion to the game is not going to be as intense as before.

Some Things I Neglected

While I have been devoting 4 to 15 hours a day playing this game, I struggled to keep-up with the current anime season, as well as updating my sister site (Update: Site closed as of April 2018).

I managed to keep up with around 10-15 of this season’s anime, but before I played, I have vowed to myself to also watch older shows that I have skipped out on and wanted to see if I would like them enough to buy Blu-Rays/DVDs. Sadly I am not watching anything at the moment due to playing Final Fantasy XIV but I plan to resume in the near future.

Gundam Iron Blooded Orphans Kono Subarashii Sekai ni Shukufuku wo!
Dagashi Kashi Boku Dake ga Inai Machi
(just a smidgen of shows I am currently keeping up with)

In terms of music-listening, I have neglected on listening for new music and reviewing what I have. Since I was so absorbed into FFXIV, the music I would mainly play when not playing would be the soundtracks from said game.

I mean the music itself is so majestic and very good! When playing I would leave the soundtrack, when not playing I just initiate Foobar2000 and let the massive OST play! I could go on about the music, but that will be a separate article, so here are a few of the more addicting tracks that have been on repeat in my head:

I still had a lot of normal things that I could not neglect, like work, exercise, cooking food and grocery shopping, and of course sleep (though I may have stretched this one a bit). But overall I knew that I was putting too much time on a game and had pushed back other things in my life. Not great time-management on my part!

When I Told Others on Time Management

I remember back in around 2004-05, I was with my new college friends and introduced them to Anime Expo. It was my 5th year and was working as a volunteer there, while they have either never been there or went only once and just to the exhibit hall. I told them of all the panels, shows, and activities they could do but warned them one important rule:


For those unfamiliar with Anime Expo, it is one of the biggest Anime conventions in North America, and even back in 2005 had a lot of attendees. With so many panels and events going on at the same time, it is physically impossible to do everything. You will need to plan out which are your priority, which you are willing to wait in line for, and even forgo some sleep if you want to experience as much as possible.

Imagine wanting to go on every ride and watching every show in Disneyland for one day. That is plain impossible, even if you paid extra just to be first in line.

You would either prioritize what you want to do or buy more than one day. But you can’t just split yourself into 4 and experience everything in a day!

Lessons Learned

Now that I am rather caught up, I am going back to updating this site more, as well as take back up activities that I have put in the back burner for the longest (looking at my fan composing projects on my Apple Mini). There are other things that I want to do and will take some time accordingly, such as learning to solder and studying about copy-writing to name a few.

So I am going to manage my time better, for my personal growth as well as my leisure activities. One way I compound my activities is when I am doing things such as typing or research, I listen to music, especially to ones I have not heard before and note which ones I liked or not.

Unfortunately I don’t do this when playing a game or watching since I need to have the audio for those on. But for everything else that does not need a soundtrack, I provide what I have to listen and compound that way.

Everything in moderation, including moderation! And for everything else compound and multi-tasks when possible (but not too much!).