Gaia Surprised by Sunshine Award

ASU’s Sunshine Award 2015

I received this nomination from a new friend and fellow online anime blogger Rekari of Shooting Star Dreamer and how I am relatively still new to blogging, I would like to answer some of the questions he has presented to me:

Where do you draw your inspiration?

Everything I encounter, have encountered, and sometimes from just nothing. Good and bad experiences shape what I create and write. I pay attention to what is around me, since every minute is a learning experience, you know? But to be more specific, a ton of soundtrack music from games and anime helps keep my mood up.

What is most important to you when it comes to anime or manga?

The importance is to keep great quality. Animation, story, music, editing, everything must be done with love and as much detail as it can be permitted. I really appreciate it when care has been placed to a particular work of art, and in media there is lots of art. A labor of love and hard work rather than a labor for quick cash.

How did you pick your blog name or writing name?

I wanted something with a double meaning, on helping people know that there are better audio for your favorite music, and also on doing a wise decision (of a sound mind). I want to be informative and witty, and I also like double meanings to things, sometimes even forming my own second meaning, or acronymizing (sp?) for fun.

Where do you wish to see your blog in the future?

A small but dedicated community that love their anime, video games, music but not necessarily in a loud way, a mature and thinking anime-based community with an understanding of courtesy towards other. An internet-connected community that makes better purchasing decisions and get the most out of their art and media.

Which anime character do you relate to the most?

Very hard to pick, but at this time it would be Hachiman from Yahari Ore no Seishun LoveCom ga Machigatteru. Someone who sees the world as real as it is, but tries to make it right even at his own expense. I am not a person who craves the spotlight, nor do I care about being the star of the show. If anything I would rather see something done right than done famously.

If you could only pick one, would you rather have anime, manga, music, or video games?

Music would have to be my choice. I could not enjoy the others without music (yes even when reading manga, I need music). All are important aspects of my self-entertainment life, but music has been always the one there for me the most. Something that keeps you smiling, keeps you company, and keeps you longing for something else.

If you were an anime character, how would you want to look? Why?

I don’t really know, I guess cooler than I am now? Many of us has had that wishful thinking, I dunno haven’t though about this question for a long while.

Have you ever considered pursuing a career related to anime or Japan?

I have considered, once thought of doing video game composing for Japanese game companies, but my work ethic and unwillingness to work in a Japanese-style business prevents me. I hate long working hours but have much respect towards people who do even when they do/don’t deserve it. I guess I like Japanese media/entertainment, but not really keen on the Japanese working lifestyle.

What made you start a blog?

I wanted to share my thoughts and see if there were others like-minded in my views in anime and video games. This is also a great outlet from the troubles of work, giving my thoughts a free form. I tried to start a blog years ago on Blogger, but it had no real direction and was going through some aimless career searching. Though it would also be nice to earn a living from blogging, as I do get discouraged from unrewarding work rather quickly.

What does anime mean to you?

Anime represents ideas and wishes that are made possible despite the standard clichés I grew up on. For me Anime has always had a different feeling than American cartoons, in that deeper ideas and more critical thinking could be possible in a medium deh2ed “just for kids.” Anime also represents a sort of duality that I see in life, half child and half adult, that I believe is essential to everyone. You need a childlike sense of wonder plus a mature mind of responsibility in order to live a great life. Like Stan Lee, who has a perfect balance of the two, this duality I see represented in many Anime productions is what keeps me happy and able to keep me moving forward.

PS: Favorite Japanese word: 耀 (Kagayaku): To shine brilliantly. An outlook I decided to have after moving from my hometown to follow my dreams, and to keep shining brightly in the midst of darkness the world throws at you.