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Need to get started? I assume that you are here because you are an Anime and/or video game fan, and would want to know why this guy is talking about Hi-Res audio, Introversion (that’s a topic for blogging?), and about equipment upgrades and thinking topics in Anime and and video games. Don’t worry, here is a page that will slowly build up with information to help get you started, or refreshed on topics this blog covers.

Hi-Res Audio?

Hi-Res Audio is audio that is better than CD quality and Lossy Formats such as MP3’s and iTunes. After a couple of years working for a Hi-Res label, I have seen how much better my favorite music can be heard, and much of the time starts at the first part of the chain: source files.

First, here is a post I made on some terminology used among audiophiles and those who know about audio:
Hi-Res Audio 101

Another post on why you should get anime and video game audio in Hi-Res if you really love music from you favorite media:
A Case For Hi-Res Audio

I have also created a separate site for album listings of Anime, Video Game, Vocaloid, and other related series for albums that are available in CD-Resolution or higher. Some albums are available for purchase online right away, while others are restricted to Japanese citizens, but I list them as available so you are informed that they exist and as I find ways to make them legally purchasable:

On the same site, I have compiled a link list on stores where you can buy and other information on albums:
Links on AnimeHdAudioList

Okay now I have great sounding-music, what’s next?

Next would be the equipment to playback your Hi-Res files. At most basic you will need a decent pair of headphones (no the Apple earphones and Beats do not count, seriously).

After that a bit more equipment, before going to spend thousands of dollars on equipment for slightly better sound. I fully understand budget constraints you might have, as I myself do not have a million dollars just to spend on audiophile equipment.

Here is an article on a small, portable Digital Audio Converter I purchased:
An Equipment Upgrade!
This company makes affordable and nice looking audio equipment, highly recommended:
iFi Audio
Nevermind the name, this small company had great and affordable audio equipment and a dedicated following:
Schiit Audio


Introversion as a Topic?

Much of society has a negative view on introversion (I’ve had it for a majority of my life). It is not a person who despises people and as a loner, but rather someone who needs to recharge by being alone.

I really enjoy my music listening, Anime watching, and Video Game playing rather alone or with less than 3 friends at the same time., and that is not a bad thing. Susan Cain and many other authors are trying to disperse the false identity of Introversion, and show what it really is:
This is the book that put what introversion truely is, by Susan Cain:
Amazon Link and her TED talk: Susan Cain’s TED Talk
Official site and blog for Susan Cain’s Quiet, just launched in 2015:
Quiet Revolution
An introvert and highly-sensitive people focused blog, by Andy Mort, musician, writer, podcaster, and fellow introvert:
Sheep Dressed Like Wolves

Recommended other Anime Blogs and Sites?

Here is a few of the sites I currently follow that deserve shout out here (more to be added):
Shooting Star Dreamer, by Rekari, is a site that has great writing about his thoughts seeing anime as a whole and its culture:
Shooting Star Dreamer
Manga Therapy by Tony Yao, an insightful blog mainly about Manga and what it teaches us about critical thinking:
Manga Therapy