Raquelle and Argy with 4K

Sony and Microsoft 4K Console Hype

One of the biggest events in the Video Game industry has descended for our hungry eyes to see: the E3 2016 Convention. Of course, many industry insiders got to demo the latest games (and some sneaky people who somehow got a badge to get in, you lucky basterds).

The Powerhouses

Most importantly, there was an announcement from two of the biggest players in gaming: Sony’s Playstation 4 ‘Neo’ and Microsoft’s Project Scorpio. In the era of current video gaming, home consoles need to be more than just for playing games. They would need to play movies, stream TV series, be used as a computer, social media, and everything in between. Like your smartphone, a home console needs to do and be everything.

Next-Gen Hype?

Both consoles’ main feature is the 4K-capability. You can now enjoy the best picture for gaming and video from your console, especially if 4K gets you drooling over the lush colors and detail. Both systems will also have VR-gaming support, like with the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive, if you really want to immerse themselves in their gaming experience. Expect better graphics and processing overall.


On Sony’s end, the supposed “Playstation 4.5 / Playstation 4k / Playstation 4 Neo” will be a system that improves upon the current Playstation 4, but will not replace it. Right now the current PS4 handles 4k video, but not games, Ultra HD Blu-rays, or 4K streaming. The newer model will support both games and 4K streaming, as well get a beefier CPU and GPU. Of course, since this is a higher end model than the current PS4, expect to fork over quite a bit of cash if you play to get it.


On Microsoft’s end, the current Xbox One got the Xbox One S, and the announcement of the Project Scorpio. While the S is a slimmer and 4k-capable system (but no 4K-game support), Project Scorpio is still shrouded in mystery, and could be a replacement for the Xbox One. It is still unclear if Project Scorpio is the next major Microsoft console or rather a half-grade for the One, so we will just have to wait for more news.

Winter Cantdecide 2

So, Should I Get One?

Like with this site (and with audio system upgrades), I strive to emphasize getting an upgrade to your systems with budget permitting. As with audio and computer equipment, buying the latest system gives such an excitement for us video game geeks. The ability to play the latest great games with the absolute best graphics (and killer soundtracks to boot!) is why we crazily get all the systems.

Though, it is still too early to give extensive reasons to justify a purchase, so just keep this list in mind when each system launch happens:


  • If you have money to burn.
  • If you currently do not own a PS4 and/or Xbox One.
  • You have a 4K-native Television already.
  • You are excited for the VR Technology and games.
  • The hype has convinced you enough!
  • If you love to brag to everyone that you have them! (let’s not brag, ’tis quite uncivilized)

Don’t Buy:

  • If you do not money to sink for another system.
  • You already own either a PS4 or Xbox One (or both), and do not care much about 4K Resolution/VR.
  • You do not have a 4K TV, and plan to not buy one.
  • You are not much of a gamer, and getting a regular Ultra-HD Blu-Ray player is enough.
  • If you think it is still too early to make a decision and will wait for reviews and others to test out.
  • You are a hardcore Nintendo fanboy or girl and will not buy Sony or Microsoft ever! (j/k, you can be a Nintendo fan and still buy).

My Take

Personally, I will most likely buy the PS4.5 (or whatever name it will be), since I currently do not own a PS4. I mainly am a fan of Japanese-made games, especially JRPGs, Warriors-style games, Fighting Games, and mecha-simulations. But I would not buy on day one, will be cautious and let other fans see their impressions and go from there.

Are you thrilled for the 4K consoles? Will you buy one ASAP or wait a bit? Write your impressions in the comments!

PS: At least on Sony’s end, would be nice to add audio support up to PCM 32-bit/384kHz and DSD 1-bit/11.2MHz. I am not asking for an SACD-capable system (the last one was some first-gen PS3s), but at least the native ability to play Hi-Resolution Audio. I mean they have the Sony HAP-Z1ES catered towards audiophiles, why not just implement and make better to the Playstation 4.5? You will have high-resolution video, so why not audio? If only it’s Home Theater, Music, and Computer Entertainment could just work together.