Gaia Enjoying an Addictive Song

That Song (Earworm) Is Still Stuck in My Head!

Have you ever watched an Anime series (or played a game and watched the intro) and after the opening song played, you found in your head it was stuck on repeat?

Was there an ending song that just touched you emotionally that you had to hear it again and again?

Did you go out of your way to just find that song online or paid the extra cash just to import a CD?

Congrats you now have something called an “earworm”

No no, you did not get a magical parasite that will just play one song on endless repeat. You basically have a song that just somehow got very addicting and you just plain love it.

I have had this happen many times watching Anime, even when the shows themselves were mediocre, but if that damn opening or ending song was catchy, that would just play over and over and over.

Great Lengths (Rather Much Money) for that Song (Earworm)

Before iTunes was a thing, an Anime fan overseas had to buy a single or an album just to get that song they heard and loved into their collection. One CD single I bought was the one below, the opening theme for the Mazinkaiser vs. the Great General of Darkness OVA series:

Mazinkaiser vs. the Great General of Darkness – “The Gate of the Hell” by JAM Project featuring Yoshiki Fukuyama

I paid eighteen dollars at Kinokuniya in Los Angeles when this single CD just came out. I mean honestly I only wanted the main song “The Gate of the Hell” because it was so goddamn epic! The other two songs in the single “Senshi yo, Nemure…” and “Majin Kenzan!!” are decent songs themselves, but I really only loved the main song in this single.

Mazinkaiser -The Gate of the Hell

If I had the option to pay only for the main song (in CD-quality or better) and downloaded right away I would have. But this was in 2003.

More Anime Songs That Were Stuck in My Head

The one example is certainly not the only one in my head. Here are just a tiny sample of songs that I liked and are example for me really songs that I found myself listening over and over again:

Ikenai Borderline Macross DeltaMacross Delta – “Ikenai Borderline” by Walküre

My favorite song of this Spring 2016 Anime season, an insert song that the in-universe group Walkure sings. Those vocals, those saxes, and just the high energy beat this song has! Well, Macross has produced many such addicting songs I would recommending to take a listen to all of them!

Knights of Sidonia Opening Theme – “Sidonia” by angela

This great song from angela is another strong opening piece that makes you wanna dance and ready to do battle! Angela has made many main catchy themes like the ones in Fafner of the Azure, K, Valvrave the Liberator, and more!

Death Note Second Opening Theme – “What’s Up, People?!” by Maximum the Hormone

Holy crap this crazy insane opening theme is superbly an earworm! Was stuck in my head for months after I saw it! This and the endind song “Zetsubou Billy” also by Maximum the Hormone are crazy addicting.

Tenchi Muyo! Ryo-Ohki OAV Theme – “Tenchi Muyo! Ryo-Ohki’s Theme” by Seikou Nagaoka

Possibly one of my first anime-based song that struck with me. It was so cool, and for my young self it sounded traditionally Japanese but with modern sound. It had no lyrics, but set the tone for the shows that this would be a Sci-Fi romp with classic Japanese themes.

Mobile Suit Gundam: Iron-Blooded Orphans First Ending Theme – “Orphans no Namida” by MISIA

Another recent one, the first ending for Mobile Suit Gundam Iron-blooded Orphans. Sung by the powerful pop and R&B songer-songwriter MISIA this song just gives that strong sorrowful impact that this Gundam show portrays (The opening song “Raise Your Flag” by MAN WITH A MISSION is also a very catchy theme to, but more spirited and ready-to-fight).

Kyoukai no Kanata (Beyond the Boundary) Ending Theme – “Daisy” by STEREO DIVE FOUNDATION

A song that is very sentimental, and very close to the soul. Gives me a feeling of assurance and hope for the next day kind of feeling.

Denpa Onna to Seichun Otoko Opening Theme – “Os-Uchuujin” by Asuka Oogame

This very weird and absolutely cute and adorable song is sung by the main girl Erio Touwa. I admit is it addicting despite the vocals intentionally sung out-of-tune. Just plain great!

More Songs to Rerun in Your Head

There are PLENTY more songs that I could just list down, and even the ones I mentioned aren’t my absolute top favorites, but just a sampling of what I consider earworms. You may or may not agree with the songs I have listed, and that is fine!

Music taste is subjective, and we all have our themes that hits us just right, with the emotion that you want to feel.

I mean a reason why I started this site and was to find the best quality of the songs I just heard in Anime and Video Games.

I didn’t want to settle with lossy mp3s, I wanted the best that was available (and to also not spend for an entire album when I only liked that one opening song).

And if the best wasn’t digitally available and I had to buy a CD, then I would just buy from CDJapan or similar (you can too, just click that box up in the right to buy the real CDs)

Your Picks?

What are your go-to songs on your playlist? Which ones resonated with your soul and caused you to buy those songs? What would you show to your friends and made them fans?

Bonus: Here is a link to the TvTropes Anime page on EarWorms. WARNING: You may get stuck in the text void of TVTropes, and you may not come back in a day or two.