The moving process

Sometimes Upgrades Aren’t Easy (or Cheap):

When playing video games, usually to get better items you would need the right amount of money to get them. It may involve farming for cash, hunting the right materials (in some cases defeating a really hard optional boss for just a CHANCE at said item), or even buying at different parts of the days (and then there’s event-only items). Sometimes in the case of DLCs you have to use your money you have in real life (Gasp!). But in virtual and this reality, going through a struggle to upgrade your equipment and life requires effort and work.

Real-Life Upgrade

For the past couple of weeks, I have been planning my move from the South Bay area, California, to the Seattle area in Washington. When thinking about moving, it may seem easier than it can be, even when you have some experience moving a distance (I myself 4 years ago moved from Los Angeles area to Bay Area) but this was my first move to another state. As I am moving with Steve (who does the art on this site) I need to find a 2-bedroom apartment. I also needed to find a job, especially something that paid more.

With limited budget and therefore limited time, I had to do many things that were rather stressful just to make the transition a good one. I do not have the best credit, and my last job I was rather underpaid, so I knew I did not have all the budget in the world to look for a place. I rented a car and drove up and booked a cheap motel for 4 nights, meaning I only had 5 days to look for a place and work. Plus I have never visited Seattle, so everything from the get-go was new.

Some Relief

Luckily everything is falling into place, but after constant calling, emails being sent out, spending a lot of money preparing for the move (as I write this Steve and I had to fly from San Jose to Seattle in the morning just to sign paperwork and give checks to our new landlord, and waiting to fly back this same day). Really, it is not over yet, as I have to prepare to move the rental truck and start a new job this following Tuesday.

This endeavor really has been stressful, but it is a struggle I am willing to endure as I am upgrading my life. Moving from half a bedroom back to my own apartment, free from a house owner bothering me, a new job where I can actually pay for health insurance and save, a more affordable housing market, and generally a new experience. I am not saying the Seattle area is better or worse than the Bay Area, but as for me the Bay Area was not a good fit for me.

Upgrades Can Also Mean Discarding

I have given away some of my cabinets that are rather old, heavy and did not want to keep. I also got rid of other misc stuff, and gave my guitar amp to a friend (I really don’t use it, but wanted to give it to someone who could, as my friend is a recording engineer). I guess only when you have to move all your stuff you realize that you have maybe too many stuff, or you might have outgrown many of your possessions. There maybe was a time you bought it and thought “This fits into my life” and now no longer.

The moving process and new job transition will be done in two weeks, in which I will be more adjusted and less stressed out. For know just focusing on driving the uHaul van and towing my car to Washington is on my mind, and then starting a new job in a new city. This upgrade on my life is not easy, as I will miss some good people from the Bay Area, and it is trying a new place before. But I am ready for the endeavor, as I surely know this is a step up and further betterment of my life.

How was your experience in making a major move or life upgrade?