Reqq & Winter, Sick

Sickness, Stress, and the Music as Relief

Hello, it’s been a while. During this time real life took over. I got severely sick for a week with the flu, so bad that I could not even walk straight, and had to call off my first job. For my second one I had to come in for just less that an hour per day to take care of essential daily work (luckily this one is less than a mile away).

Even with work, things got a bit intense, as deadlines and end-of-year projects got in the way. Although my main workload right now is not music-related except for a side gig, nevertheless I was preoccupied with projects. At the end of each day all I wanted to do was watch Anime of the season, play Final Fantasy XIV (not in the mood to start a new game at the moment), and most importantly, music listening.

Reqq & Winter, Normal Days

Music for Meditation and Mind Renewal

During this time, what has been my main stress-reliever has been music listening. What helps for my jobs is the ability to listen to music to concentrate. Although my jobs involve mainly administrative work and there are various times where I can’t just sit on my desk and listen to my soundtracks, the times I do helps my concentration and focus.

I will admit that the majority of my music listening is of anime and video game variety. For my commute I tend to just play the radio, usually on the alternative rock station. At work I alternate between radio stations and Youtube depending on my mood. I definitely need music to get through the day!

When I was really sick, I did refrain from listening to anything intense; I stuck with slow piano scores and relaxing jazz music. Of course I slept a lot, and used the slow music to help me sleep, otherwise I would start thinking too much and start to worry about everything.

Some of the stuff I listened to:

Piano Collections Final Fantasy XV -great piano renditions of select music from FFXV

Persona 5 Original Soundtrack -more Jazzy and cool soundtrack from the great Shoji Meguro

Aikatsu! Jazzkatsu! -Jazz arrangements of idol songs from Aikatsu! Yes it exists!

Balance in Adult Life

As a person in my 30’s, having mainly anime and video game music to help relieve my stress is something I have acknowledged as necessary. Growing up, I have tried to absorb all kinds of music through what my classmates listened to, to taking classes on Jazz and World music, and also indie shows in my 20’s.

But for myself Video Games and Anime has been a big part of my life, and I would say that is what I would listen to a majority of the time. That does not mean I ONLY listen to the music from those. I love alternative rock, trance, house, jazz, and pop music, as well as willing to try more.

Whenever I have time to either concentrate or just pass the time (like on a bus), I have mainly soundtracks I listen to. I load up on my phone some favorites as well as a new album to sample. I also use internet radio stations at work when I feel like non-soundtracks (like Accuradio and, and also Youtube for video game soundtracks.

In the event when I have an album I like, I then see if there is a Hi-Res version and try to get it, or buy the CD if that is the best quality available. Then after I would listen a couple more times! That is what helps my worries and stress; listening to music I like and love.

How about you, do you listen in your busy life often? Do you listen to relieve from the pressures in life?