Gaia and Cds from Diverse System

Respect for Diverse System

On a previous post, I mentioned about self-hosting sites for musicians and artists, and there is one in particular one that comes to mind, especially if you are into Japanese Doujin (fan-made) music.

For those who keep up with those groups you might have heard of a circle called Diverse System. Active since around 2000, they have released a myriad of albums, featuring original works as well as remixes from many Bemani games such as Beatmania and Dance Dance Revolution, as well as other Konami games such as Ridge Racer.

Headed by YsK439, their style is primarily electronic: Trance, House, EDM, Drum’n’Bass, Hardcore, and other styles that re-interpret popular themes you heard when playing Beatmania or DDR, and as well as original music that are just as bangin’ as their remixes.

A Distinct Aspect for Their Fans

I could go on about how great their music is, how diverse (pun intentional) their electronic styles are and how well composed they are, or about how they are one of the most professional ‘doujin’ groups out there, but there is one aspect as a music consumer and aficionado:

They have their own dedicated online store that you can by CDs from.

There are no region restrictions, and although there is a bit of a language restriction, I found it not too much trouble purchasing from them. Some albums that I have purchased from them:

Bernic - The Stars My DestinationCallionet - AulaeaDiverse System - A.D. Piano IIIDigital Logics - Somewhere in the distant time

As someone who does not live in Japan, their store is a godsend for me who loves what they do and wants to support them. Great artwork, reasonable prices, and quick enough delivery, I really recommend them, as their music are well done! Great beats and grooves to help with your day, whether dancin’ the night away, chillin’ on you couch, or need some calming music.

If you do not want to get physical CDs (sometimes I don’t), they also have a Bandcamp store as well as a Soundcloud account to audition tracks from.

So if you have not listened to them before, give them a shot on their Soundcloud or Bandcamp page, and see if their stylish sounds are to your liking!

Official Site
Diverse Direct (their official store)

Youtube Channel
Facebook Page

What are some of you favorite albums from them?