Gaia and Region Restriction

More Region Locks on Anime and Video Game Music?

Hi guys!

Wow! An actual update! Amazing that I got off my lazy butt to change things around. Yes there are some new things here and there, but I will talk about it in a later post.

Today’s post is on a small update regarding the two sites I mainly get Japanese music from: and, and the dreaded REGION LOCK!

Small Freak Out?

As I was finishing wrapping up the changes around here, I was a bit shocked and upset when I found that I now had restrictions at Ototoy! I mean, really?! Some albums and songs now have a Region-lock on them? I understand that there are region-lock for all forms of media, and that Ototoy now added locks based on the record companies’ decisions. But I still want my best resolution Anime and Video Game albums, and with my money!

Luckily, I just had to apply my VPN and problem solved! Similar to getting around PSN blocks (and good ol’-fashioned importing physical discs), there is a way to get around without resorting to pirating. But I will say, placing more and more restrictions force many to resort to pirating.

More Restrictions at Ototoy?

Yes, not every album is easy to just buy and download now. SquareEnix titles are restricted, certain idol groups are not, the list can go on for both yes and no on what is region-locked.

But fret not, as long as you use a VPN (similar on how you purchased from, the restrictions are lifted as seen below:

Ototoy Region Restrict(With no VPN)

Ototoy Region Restrict Unlock(with VPN re-direct on)

Login and payment is the same as usual, and I would still recommend using Paypal to pay for your music. I just tried by paying for the Steins;Gate 0 Opening Theme Song, and was able to pay via Paypal and download.

No change at

At though, you will still need to use a VPN as well as get a BitCash Prepaid Card beforehand as well. They did add an option to use Amazon Pay, but as far as I can tell you will need to set up an account at, separate from your or whatever region you are from. I tried with my account but no dice. Credit card transactions are still Japanese-bank only.

Buying Power

As for other stores, E-Onkyo still has the restriction even with VPN, Groovers Japan is the same (seems so with the original Groovers in Korea also), and Recchoku seems similar to more without the Bitcash option (have not looked entirely at this one, will try more later). At least for now for digital Hi-Res download needs, Ototoy and mora have majority of what I would like.

There is also CDJapan for Physical media like Blu-Rays and Vinyls, and also regular CDs. The options are still limited, but I still will dedicate to find more way to buy digital music more for you, the Anime, Video Game, and/or Vocaloid Audiophile or fan.