Renton Room

Private Space Again!

As of this writing, it has been officially two weeks living at my new apartment in Renton, WA. Gaia is here presenting my room setup: simple, quaint, and not much frills. I have my computer desk, TV entertainment center with 2.1 speakers with PS3, my bed, my Roland Gaia keyboard, and not much else (yes I have clothes, I’m not just running around as a naked hooligan). I could have shelves with my Model Kits, Figures, Audio CDs, DVDs/Blu-Rays, and Books set up, but this room is rather small and I do plan to move out again to a better place in a year or two.

The main important thing for this picture is a simple one: I have my own private place again. Living in Cupertino, CA for the past four years, as an introvert I really had to find my own places of solitude, be it a coffee shop, a quiet corner in a library, anything that I can try just be with myself. My previous situation in terms of money was that I had to share a room with my best friend Steve (you know the one that does all the art here), in a room in someone’s house. Low small business pay, expensive rent in the South Bay of Silicon Valley, and my not-cheap hobbies (Anime, Video Games, Audio and Music, foodie) were causes of my living situation before ( I made it work somehow!). A PVC pipe divider I made with just cloth in between was what I used to have half a room.

Wasn’t That a Decent Compromise For You Situation?

Yes it was, but I did not want that in the long run. Sure I was sharing a room with someone who did not aggravate me too much, and in a safe neighborhood with plenty of opportunities to go out and socialize. But after years of trying to live to extrovert standards, at 31 I just wanted my own completely private space for myself. The house owner who I rented a room from urged me to go out more often, but I did not have much money left after paying bills and car maintenance, and I enjoyed my time at home playing video games, watching Anime or the latest Sci-Fi movies, making this blog, or simply reading books.

It is not that I absolutely hate going out and meeting people, it is just I want to do it in my terms. I want enough time to recharge my brain by being alone so I can handle talking and being around people when it is crucial. I can talk and socialize, but it took me a long time to realize that I am not too weird to just wanting to stay home. Blogs such as Sheep Dressed Like Wolves or Quiet Revolution are two examples that I frequent to know that I am not alone in feeling this way, and that it is OK.

My Own Sanctuary

Having my own room again is a relief, a small but significant piece of comfort for me, to think clearer, focus on what I have done in the day, what I still need to do, in the near future and farther still. A personal, quiet space to collect my thoughts, organize and clear at the end of the day. I feel this is a long-overdue reward that I am more appreciative now than before when I took having your own room for granted. Even finding that quiet corner at the coffee shop, library, or at work, it cannot replace your own room that you can just crawl in your bed and just either watch the latest show or play the latest game in your terms.

Is your room your sanctuary?