Ototoy: How to Purchase Songs & Albums

This is a quick guide on how to purchase songs & albums at Ototoy.jp. If you have not registered for an account, follow this link. To purchase and download your songs & albums, follow these steps:

  1. On an Ototoy Album page, you can select the format for the entire album purchase or for individual song purchase (you are also able to preview the songs by clicking on the numbered circles next to each track name):
    Ototoy Purchase 1
  2. Once you have made your format choice for either album or songs, press the near blue button to add to cart (For the complete album press the blue button on the next field to its right, Individual Song press the blue button to the bottom). The cart icon to the top right will now display a number inside an orange circle indicating how many items are in your cart:
    Ototoy Purchase 2
  3. Click the Cart icon, then you will be directed to your Cart page, showing your planned purchases, with the format and Yen price. You can press the small X button to cancel an item if needed. When ready press the blue Checkout button on the bottom right:
    Ototoy Purchase 3
  4. (You might be prompted to re-enter your password. Enter your password again.) A new page with your cart items will appear and with a payment option. Select the first button to pay with your credit card (Note: you must have already inputted your credit card on file otherwise you will get an error on not being able to purchase.):
    Ototoy Purchase 4
  5. On the next page, it will ask to confirm your purchase. Before you click the large orange button, specify which operating system do you plan to download your files on (Windows or Mac/Linux):
    Ototoy Purchase 5
  6. Once you click you will get a prompt about your purchases. The albums will appear in your email. You will get two emails: the first one is an order confirmation and informing you that the files are getting prepared. This email will contain no links. A second email will come after (may take a couple of minutes) with the link to your order. The order will be zipped into one file and you are able to download your songs and/or albums. NOTE: The file can be potentially big, so I would recommend a Download Manager to monitor your files.

After your downloads are downloaded and unzipped, enjoy in your favorite Music Player.