Gaia and my old Sharp LCD

My TV Died

Ahh, today my TV just died.

10 years going strong, then the screen would just turn black, and the power button blinks every second.

I try to stay calm, maybe the connections are a bit loose, maybe the power cord need to be re-inserted.

Still the screen is turning black.

I start to get agitated, look up my TV online and see if others had the same issue. Googled and searched online for message boards and threads about my specific TV.

I found that others have had this happen to the same model, and the only remedy was either to open it up and re-do some intensive wiring and part replacement, or just to get a new one.

……I decide to just get a new (and better) one.

When Your Media Gear Breaks

My TV had a good run, it has been 10 years since I got my 32-inch Sharp LCD, and it amazingly survived more than 4 moves. I bought it back in my first apartment in Southern California, and has been faithfully working all this time. From my first major city move to San Jose, and across two states to Washington State, it has been a reliable tool.

I have used it to play video games, watch anime, and movies. It could only do up to 1080i, so most of my shows and games had to be lowered to 720p resolution. I did not mind, because the pictures were good enough for during all those great times.

WHAT?!?!? You didn’t upgrade to an LED or 3D or 4K TV? Why didn’t you?

Simple: I buy not to keep up with technology, but to enjoy a product to its fullest and for more than five years. The thing is, I buy media hardware knowing I will enjoy for years to come. I don’t follow that latest tech and get what is new, and then get the newer thing a month later. That is such a waste of money!

I paid around $400 USD back in 2006 and have used it for my RPG marathons and anime binge watching. Sometimes kept the TV on at night and slept while a show played. I definitely used over the life expectancy of a post-CRT TV, and I used it a lot!

I try to keep all my stuff for as long as I can, and as long as they work. Anything that is not perishable I want to use its full value and then after. I still have my Toyota Matrix back from 2005, and still works like a charm! My audio equipment is no different, and have bought different items in mind to keep for a long time.

So Are You Going to Buy A New One?

Yes, I will. I plan to get a more than 40-in 4k-capable TV. But not in the immediate future, as I will move out of my apartment in the next two months, and take care of some debt.

Borrowed TV

But in the meantime, I am borrowing my roommate’s LED TV (he allowed me to, don’t worry) and will continue normal anime and game enjoyment.

What was your long-lasting hardware that eventually broke?