Macross & Music’s Power to Move

A couple of weeks ago, I saw Macross Delta episode 19 and there was something that “resonated”.

Warning: Contains minor spoilers on the Macross Delta series.

Episode Disposition

In the episode, a dubious military supplier named Berger Stone talked about the power of music, especially as a weapon.

He discussed about how music either help gain major victories in wars, or even caused them to start in the first place.

For many Macross fans alike, we were treated to a bit of Macross series history and lore review, spanning from the original Macross series from the 80’s up to recent shows like Macross Frontier.

Each mention of the various productions showed what was the catalyst in ending Earth’s wars against different conflicts:


Music turned the tide of battles, confused and controlled soldiers and civilians. Songs encouraged people to fight on and keep living.

Music is a legacy: this episode talked of the Protoculture, the first beings who planted the seeds of life in the Macross universe.

Macross Protoculture Singers

(possible Protoculture singers from ages past)

For many fans, music has always been the core and basis of the Macross series. Songs such as “Do You Remember Love?” “Try Again” “Voices” “Northern Cross” among a myriad of others are well remembered.

The music is what makes a Macross production stand on its own and enjoyed by fans around the world. The vocals and background music form this rich universe.

Music as Therapy

There have been real studies concerning music and how it affects us. From studies of music as benefits to our health, to possibly boosting brainpower, or simply making us feel good, music is powerful.

Remember a time when you had a bad day, and needed your “feel good music” to unwind?

Maybe you needed to sing our your emotions (in the shower or bar)? Or you wanted to take an afternoon jog with your headphones and go-to playlist on your smartphone?

Perhaps you just wanted to lie down on your bed and flush out your crappy day:

Evangelion Shinji Headphones (we’ve all been there, except for the part of piloting a giant robot)

Music is Living

I do not need to tell you why you listen to music. We care about how our music sounds, and want it to sound well!

So we buy the expensive headphones or get the pricier amplifiers. Some of us also get the expensive cables or can afford a system worth more that an average family car.

Every time you hear music you feel an emotion. They can be joy, sadness, spirited, lazy, whatever other words to describe feelings.

Heck, a song can make you get angry enough to change the radio or plug your ears in disgust!

Music for us affects is so many ways, it is hard to imagine life without!

What is music to you? How does it affect your life?

PS: Although I would post a link on where to watch Macross Delta, because of the whole legal debacle of Harmony Gold (rights holder of Macross name outside of Japan and Robotech creator) and licensing, none of the streaming sites has the series. You will need to do a google search.

Added 07/16/12017: If you would like more info on how music can help make your life better, check out this link:

The Most Amazing Benefit of Music