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mora: How to Purchase Songs & Albums

This is a quick guide on how to purchase songs & albums at If you have not registered for an account, follow this link. To purchase and download your songs & albums, follow these steps:

NOTE: before you can purchase albums on mora, you will need a VPN that can let you choose Japan as your IP, and you have purchased BitCash virtual cards.

  1. After you click the full album or songs you would want, then click the cart on top next to the sign-in button, you will be presented to your cart page. Press the red button to proceed:
    mora purchase 1
  2. To pay for purchases, you will need a 16-letter hiragana code from BitCash. Copy the code from your email to the white box indicated with BitCash, then press the red button to proceed:
    mora purchase 2
  3. You will then go to your download page. You can either A: Download the entire album in one zip, or B: Download each file. You will need the mora Downloader program if you want to download as one file, but if you do not want to install the Downloader, you can save each song by clicking the download link right across each song. The songs will have to be renamed:
    mora purchase 3
  4. If you want to download the complete album, after you complete the complete album link, you will get a file with a .mora extension that opens only in the Downloader. Save or open the file s you can use the mora Downloader to get your file (Instructions on how to install the downloader can be found here (Windows only).
    mora purchase 4
  5. In the mora Downloader, your album will start to download. Make sure your internet is fast and stable enough to download, as connection cutoffs might force you to re-do your downloads (will troubleshoot this as a later time):
    mora purchase 5

After your downloads are downloaded and unzipped, enjoy in your favorite Music Player.