Gaia Fixing AnimeHdAudioList

Major AnimeHDAudio Update

In a previous article where I lamented on region-lock, I have just done something to change that. Over the past few days, I have made a major change at the other site, I found a way to buy albums that had the “Japan-Only” tags to them. This update is such a relief to myself and possibly the lurkers that wanted those albums but had no easy way to purchase them (or there were some who figured out and didn’t say anything, yes I am late to the party). But I am happy to announce that now any album that I list can now be purchased (some with a workaround).

How I Did It:

The workaround involves a two-step process: getting a method to pay without resorting to having a Japanese-issued credit card, and to get around the IP block. For the payment method, I found that both sites use a Virtual Gift Card called BitCash that I am able to buy from another site called Japan Codes. There you can buy other cards such as Playstation Store, and other Japan-only services. Japan Codes had BitCash, mora and e-onkyo accepted them, so it seemed like that was all I needed. But before I could pay, the sites blocked me from checking out due to my US-based IP. So I got a VPN where I was able to assign myself a Japanese IP, and I was able to proceed (the VPN service I used is Easy VPN, where I bought the year service for less than $50, so about $3.50 a month, no longer am using). Now with my IP being read as Japanese-based, and card that can pay, I was able to get some albums.

gundamunicornunchildI finally got it!

I have made some guides on how to register and purchase from the sites:

e-onkyo: How to Purchase Songs & Albums
e-onkyo: How to Register for an Account
mora: How to Purchase Songs & Albums
mora: How to Install the mora Downloader
mora: How to Register for an Account
Ototoy: How to Purchase Songs & Albums
Ototoy: How to Register for an Account

So for all the lurkers of that site (and on this one), you can now get any of the albums you saw! Granted you will need to pay a bit more, but having your favorite Anime and/or Video Game albums available in Hi-Res is a big deal! Now you have music that can match all the higher-level equipment that you own. Yoko Kanno albums, Gundam, Love Live, Hiroyuki Sawano albums, Macross, Yui Horie albums, Cowboy Bebop, Utada Hikaru albums, Evangelion, Ghost in the Shell, whatever that was not on Ototoy you have now a method to purchase. Yes things would be easier if there was a company similar to HD-Tracks that has these albums available to you outside of Japan, or like Ototoy with no IP restrictions.

I am still also trying to update that site in a semi-daily fashion, but now that the Japan-Only tag is off from the front page (still in each album page) there is no need to feel discouraged from buying. Just be cautious and know how much in yen it will take to get albums.

Which Anime/Video Game/Vocaloid album will you buy next?