Handful of Limited-edition Hi-Res Audio Players

Limited-Edition Hi-Res Audio Players

For many if us, limited editions are a nice but an expensive treat to own [and for bragging rights for some of you ;)]. A limited edition PS4 or XboxOne, first-run video games with an art book, music CD, and possibly a character figure, or an exclusive t-shirt are some examples of items you may have seen online or standing proudly at your local convention’s exhibit hall.

You may decide to purchase for one or more of the reasons stated above, but whatever the reason, you have decide to spend that extra money for the Collector’s Edition item. Hi-Res Audio players are no exception, but sadly getting items especially for us Anime and import Video Gamers would take quite a bit of effort to obtain.

As you may tell from the cover image of this article, there exists limited edition Hi-Res Audio portable music players, whether it is tied to a popular anime series, a video game series, or popular Japanese music artist.

They exist, but there are no easy ways to obtain them (really I tried searching, but I have not found an easy way to obtain these items without going to Japan myself or having someone ship them to me).


Star Wars Walkman

Yes, even Star Wars got a
Limited-Edition Walkman when Episode VII came out.

Collector’s Spirit

Yes if you had to spend more money on music, why not spend on a portable player that is in a unique color, or has your band’s name and logo on it? Or if you want to have a favorite character on your player (yes a waifu or two if that is your preference)? If you can own a limited PVC figure, video game box set, Blu-Ray with special bookend holders, why not portable audio players?

Sadly I wish I could tell you how to purchase them without going through too much effort or wasting too much money. I just wished you local anime store or audio enthusiast shop, even online ones, would have these available for purchase as well. But I also know there isn’t a big enough market for Hi-Res Anime & Video Game Audio Fans, and that is rather sad.

But I hope through the efforts of fellow Anime & Video Game Music Fans can help change that.

If someone knows a way to get these items, be it a reliable website, or something else without relying on a personal contact in Japan or paying more than double the value, please message me!

Sony’s Japanese Walkman page to check for the latest players (updates around every month or so, depending).