Gaia Will Explain Hi-Res Audio

Joys of Explaining Hi-Res Audio

Sorry for the slight late post, as this weekend I was my cousin’s graduation from pharmacy school, where I ventured down to Loma Linda, California to attend the graduation ceremony. Many have asked on what I am working in lately, and I tried explaining what it is I do, which took some effort.

The majority of my family work in the medical field and have not even heard of Hi-Res Audio. I even tried explaining about Pono and Neil Young to the cousins who are more technologically inclined and they are not familiar with audiophile and that world.

That being said, I had to of course explain about this website, high-resolution audio, and a short explanation about CD-resolution and why Hi-Res is better. It took an average of 1-3 minutes to give my brief explanation sales pitch to each person, and I got so modest nods of understanding, even if they did not get it fully.

They care about that I am into something even if they do not fully understand, and did their best to just listen which I wholeheartedly appreciated.

The Struggles of Explaining Your Hi-Res Audio Niche

For those who are audiophiles, hardcore music fans, audio otaku, or just being a die-hard fan of anime, and/or video games, explaining to others who do not know exactly what you are into can be a daunting task.

Various reactions can occur, from acceptance, understanding, confusion, and sometimes hostility or “you need to be treated” kind of concern. I for one just take it in stride, that only you are maybe the only one who understands your passion, and finding comrades may take time.

Having been to many anime conventions as well as a few audiophile conventions, I have for years tried to explain to school friends, cousins, acquaintances, and others about my hobbies in anime and video games, and more recently about my business with audiophiles and Hi-Res audio, but that has never bothered me.

Others With Same Interests?

It would be nice to find those who share interests, especially the more specific and niche it is. Hi-Res Anime & Video Game Audio is a very small niche that I believe is still in it very infancy, even with the albums I keep finding and updating on the site.

There is hope, and I continue this site in hope that this precious niche continues to grow with more fans buying the studio quality files, with hopes I list less and less “Japan-only” tags in all the listings.

(This post was originally published on May 26, 2015)