How to Rip DVD & Blu-Ray Audio on Windows

This is a quick guide on how to rip audio from a DVD or Blu-Ray Audio album on a Windows system. Before ripping, you will need two programs installed first:.

  • MakeMKV (Rips audio without converting down. Trialware, fully functional for a few days, $50.00 to purchase)
  • Foobar2000 (Free music player program, can convert audio from .mkv files)

You will also need a DVD and/or Blu-Ray capable drive to read the discs.

Once you have installed both programs, follow these directions:

  1. Place your DVD or Blu-Ray audio disc into your reader, then open up MakeMKV:
    rip dvd blu-ray 01
  2. Once the program reads your disc, press the Drive icon circled on the above picture, then you then see a screen with the program reading the disc:
    rip dvd blu-ray 02
  3. At this screen, you will be presented with the contents of the disc’s chapters. Leave them all checked, specify where you want the files to be saved, then click the icon circled in red:
    rip dvd blu-ray 03
  4. Once it starts ripping, this will take some time depending on the size of the disc and how powerful your CPU is:
    rip dvd blu-ray 04
  5. After the MakeMKV is done ripping and creating MKV videos for your files, check in your folder for the resultant video files:
    rip dvd blu-ray 05
  6. You can close MakeMKV and open up Foobar2000. Drag the .mkv file onto the playlist window and your file should load with songs shown separated :
    rip dvd blu-ray 06
  7. Now before you convert, right-click each song and go to Properties, and add a Song Title for each song (this way the conversion process make separate files, or they will all be called the same file and result on only one file kept). You can name each song the correct name, or what I do is add a number and name each one after with the next number for quickness. When done, highlight all the songs, then right click and choose Convert -> …:
    rip dvd blu-ray 07
  8. You can change the output format: WAV, FLAC (you can adjust compression level), or other formats. You can specify naming system and directory. When ready hit Convert:
    rip dvd blu-ray 08
  9. When it is done processing check the folder you specified and now you should have a bunch of files:
    rip dvd blu-ray 09
  10. Use the video file you ripped before for reference, as shown here in Windows Media Player with chapter marks:
    rip dvd blu-ray 10

NOTE: This method only works with DVD and Blu-Ray audio, does not work on SACDs.