Gaia at Miku Expo in Seattle

Go and Experience a Vocaloid Concert!

As I have mentioned on last week’s article, I went to see my second Vocaloid concert, MikuExpo and although I had some doubts on going, I went and have to say I had a blast!

So for those who haven’t gone to a Vocaloid concert before, try one out (especially the official concerts)!

What is Vocaloid?

For those not familiar with Vocaloid, it is a software and “synth” that emulates a singer to produce vocal tracks for songs, developed by Yamaha.

Hatsune Miku is undoubtedly the most famous “singer” out of all the voice banks. The concerts do have live backing musicians, and the Vocaloids are projected onstage via a projection program and dance and sing to the music.

Miku Expo 1

It is unlike any concert you have been to, in that the main act is a virtual singer.

For this concert, the models used for all the Crypton Vocaloids are the ones used in the latest Project Diva games. Compared to my first Vocaloid concert, which was Mikunopolis in Los Angeles, the first official American Vocaloid concert, the models used were more fluid and looked so much better (after my friend who studied 3D modeling, was keen to observe the differences better than myself).

Miku Expo 2

The Vocaloid Concert Experience

As for the songlist, I was glad they used many favorites that were also used in the Project Diva games (they even kept the dance sequences from said games). They also added some English songs made from international Vocaloid producers, including “Ten Thousand Stars” from San Francisco-based producer CircusP.

Good to see fan favorite songs as well as great songs from non-Japanese producers being featured (I should get off my lazy butt and join them!).

Although I wanted to buy an official CD, unfortunately it was sold out. Also for this CD, it is definitely NOT the set-list in the concert, as the concert there were well-known songs like “Magnet” “Uraomote Lovers” “Himitsu Keisatsu (Secret Police)” “World is Mine” and my all-time favorite (and what got me into Vocaloid back in ’09) “Just Be Friends”.

(Music Video for Uraomote Lovers (Two-Faced Lovers)

And as for the namesake of this concert series, the songs were mostly Miku-sung songs, but had at least one song from each of the other Crypton Vocaloids KAITO, MEIKO, Megurine Luka, and Kagamine Rin and Len.

It would have been nice to see non-Crypton Vocaloids like Gakupo, GUMI, Lily, IA, and so on, but I guess with licensing, that would get complicated (when doesn’t licensing screw things up?).

An Enjoyable Concert

Miku Expo 3
Wrapping up, I totally enjoyed this second venture into Vocaloid concerts, and although I am not the type of fan to follow a concert series to every city, I would go again to another concert if it was held in Seattle. Listening to favorites, as well as the great opening act of Anamanaguchi

(known for their soundtrack for the video game Scott Pilgrim vs The World: The Game), I was enjoying being in the moment away from my regular normal life.

Miku Expo Empty Stage The empty stage after all the fun was over

If you would want albums in CD-resolution or higher, find them at Anime HD Audio List by clicking the image below:

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Or, if you want the real CD right in the palm of your hand, click this picture to get to CDJapan, where they have great delivery anywhere in the world (I an affiliate for them):

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PS: Surprised that the set did not have “Senbonzakura” or “Black Rock Shooter”, and personally wanted an AVTechNO! and UtataP song mixed in there, but that might be asking a bit much.

What Vocaloid song would you like to see in an official concert?