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Final Fantasy XIV: An Introvert Reborn

Hi readers, hope you are enjoying the holidays that have passed. For myself I have been quite busy wasting my time, but I am not ashamed of it. As the title suggests, I just started playing Final Fantasy XIV on my PC and have been rather marathon-ing the past few days on it. I am off from work for a week, and wanted to kill time while not venturing out much.


Now, some of you may think that I wasted my days off, that I could have been more productive or at least social. As an introvert, with not much money, and as a new transplant from California to Washington, I wanted to basically stay home, since I did not really have a chance to just not work since I moved up here. I needed time off, and it has been a while I jumped into an MMORPG, the last major MMORPG being Ragnarok Online.

Before I go on, I did not spend entirely on my time glued to the game. I still went outside to the gym as well as to the grocery store, hung out with a friend before he flew back to see his parents for the holidays, and went to my job’s December party.

But the time I spend alone is what helps charge me right back up, and engrossing myself in Final Fantasy XIV helped heal myself. I guess all that stress that was built up from the Bay Area as well as moving with a limited budget, I needed a break by plunging into a game for hours upon end.

Why I Really Like This Game

Normally for online games, I would not play more than 2 hours a day, especially now that I am older and the main objective to level in those games is to grind by doing the same thing over and over and over and over again and again. What helps keeps me hooked on Final Fantasy XIV, and keeps me on for hours upon end is that the game is visually beautiful, quests do not get monotonous, and the fact that there is a story to it!

I am not an avid MMO fan, much less MMORPG player, so having a continuing story helps me stay on. The combat system is engaging (though I prefer Vindictus’ hack n’slash warriors style system a bit more), and there is variety enough of movesets that isn’t like the same 1-3 animations you see in older MMORPGs.

This game is great for the introvert online player: you level but not mainly grinding but by completing in-game quests, there is a lengthy story to follow, being social is not a giant need to advance further, and you can basically solo play. There are instances such as Fates and Duties where you will need more people to complete dungeons and boss battles, but you do not need to join a guild and bring all of them along.

What I have found while playing is that there is a sense of community even when you don’t know each other. Other players will offer to help a hard monster or heal you without saying anything, and without fearing experience or item stealing. I guess it took a while for an MMORPG to figure out how to fairly divide experience and rewards in an MMO game.

Cumin Rider

(my character, currently a level 45 Monk)

I find myself just admiring maps and land areas in this game, where I would just stand on one spot and look around the environment. The game play does not feel boring, and there a variety of jobs you can start with, and switch to when you feel bored. I encourage for you to try this game, since when you sign up you can play the game free for 30 days (I have only played a week so far).

I really do enjoy this game so far, having dedicated at least 50 hours to this game so far, and my character at level 45 as of this writing. But now that I have work again, I will start playing less, I feel that I am relieved from my worries of 2015 and looking forward to 2016.

Follow this link to start you 30-days trial of Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn!

BONUS: Music of Final Fantasy XIV:

Also when playing, I love leaving the soundtrack on, because when playing it keeps me engaged on the battles as well as the mood in all the situation presented. The music is also well done, and has a range of styles in the entire score! Here are links to CDJapan which are Blu-Ray Soundtrack discs (with are affiliate links):

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