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Final Fantasy VII Remake: Let the Upgrade Commence

In the past few days, a gameplay trailer for the upcoming Final Fantasy VII Remake has surfaced, featuring scenes and gameplay of the Bombing Mission event. While this game is not the number one Final Fantasy game I wanted remade (I really wanted a modern version of Final Fantasy VI), but due to its popularity, part VII is being made.

Overall, while the graphics are being praised among numerous fans, there has been one complaint so far from a smaller number of fans for the game: the battle system. It has been compared to Final Fantasy XV or Kingdom Hearts, but it is certainly not the old-school turn-based system the original Final Fantasy VII for PS1 had.

I for one like this active system is in place, it gives a more real-time feel and something more modern games, especially Square-Enix games has. Detractors moan that it will not feel the same and is a bad decision from Square-Enix, but I think that making it an active system gives a better gameplay where you are constantly thinking and adapting.

For developers, they have to think on how to remake a game that appeals to old and new fans. A game that is both new and old, timeless and fresh, starting in gaming or experienced, appealing to many demographics, is something admirable and worth buying, keeping, and enjoying for a long time.

Anticipating More Features?

I am also anticipating knowing Square-Enix that the game itself will have more side quests, more missions, allusions to other FFVII titles like Before Crisis, Crisis Core, Advent Children, Dirge of Cerberus, as well as other Final Fantasy series, more expanded ending sequence, and more features. Little things help with what I and many other fans love about the Final fantasy series for: immersing in the world of Final Fantasy with its storytelling, attention to details, and great feel overall.

Square-Enix always wants to make each main series game better and more engaging than their previous games. This game is simply not just a port of the original game; it is remade so there will be elements that would improve from the original game, and combat is looking to be one of them. Boss battles could employ more strategy, mini-games expanded (and possibly newer ones), more Materia combinations, and more to speculate on what can be added into this remake.

I would not want just a graphic update and game mechanics work exactly the same, that would be too boring and I would not be enthusiastic about this release. But after seeing this trailer, and knowing Square-Enix will add more to the game than just a mere graphic upgrade. Final Fantasy XIV would be unappealing if it was exactly like Final Fantasy XI except better graphics. Heck if the first Final Fantasy VII kept the same graphics as any of the previous games (I thru VI), it wouldn’t be as fondly remembered as it is right now!

There are still plenty of other games that keeps the formula of traditional turn-based strategy (like Square-Enix other big franchise Dragon Quest), but Final Fantasy is a continually evolving series that tries to push itself further than its last game. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t, and Final Fantasy VII Remake is one that will test what gamers would want in a Final Fantasy main title.

Final Thought

Although I am more hyped up on Final Fantasy XV and Dissidia Arcade, after watching that trailer I am more enthusiastic on FFVII Remake that before! Yet also, this is just a mere trailer, I cannot give a solid opinion on a game that is not even out yet. All I hope is that the team working on this give it all their best intentions and the game comes out with little left to fix .

Let the Final Fantasy VII upgrade commence!

PS: Kind of sad Nobuo Uematsu (original composer for Final fantasy VII) is not involved in this project, but it will be nice to hear his entire soundtrack for this game again, even if it is also remade too!