Massdrop Deals

Featured Store: Massdrop

There has been a site that has been getting some internet attention lately, and that site is Massdrop. Massdrop is a place where you are able to buy computer and other electronic items for cheaper than the price you were to pay for new. It works based on if there are more people willing to buy the product, the price goes down, essentially knocking the price to a bulk rate instead of a single item retail rate.

The site was started in 2012 as a way to help users who wanted to buy certain products, and see if there were enough other people who were thinking of the same products, to get a discount because there was bulk order instead of a single order. It worked, and it has grown to what it is thanks to constant customer feedback and fine-tuning.

How Did You Find It?

I have actually found this site through Reddit’s Audiophile boards and several members were mentioning that site. Someone mentioned about the Audio-Technica ATH-M50x headphones on sale. The lowest drop price was achieved, but I was still able to get my pair for 40 dollars lower than MSRP, and in white (the headphones commonly come in black). That, and a couple of weeks later I got the headphones in my hands!

This place is a good resource if you want to start your Hi-Fi system on a budget. There are many audiophile items on sale, and also has sections on pro audio recording, gaming, and other categories.  Their deals are not insanely cheap, and sometimes you can get lower prices on other sites like, or wait for Black Friday deals, but this site is community run so not only do you get lowering pricing on items, but products that other dedicated fans picked and agreed are ones recommended to buy ( and you are not forced to buy things that are refurbished or some sort of questionable quality).

A Site to Check For Your Tech Needs

This is where I would check first if there is a particular piece of gear you would want for yourself. I also check other stores like Amazon to see and compare for myself, but their community-curated selection gives me a sense of ease that the product I am buying is of great quality. You do need to create a free account before browsing their items on sale, but it is worth it.