Winter and Boxes for Moving

Busyness and Blog Commitment

Hi all,

Sorry for the delay in topics, I have been rather busy the last week weeks.

To be honest I wanted to write, but I just simply did not make time to.

I am not a natural writer, I have to sit down and concentrate when I write.

(Even this article I rushed it, hehehe)

So let me list my excuses for the delay:

Gaia at Universal Studios Hollywood (this was at the gift shop for the Transformers Ride at Universal Studios Hollywood)

1: Mini-Vacation to Visit Family

For about 11 days, I flew to Los Angeles to spend time with family. During that time I did the following:

  1. Fixed my mom’s computer (involving running anti-virus and take out spyware)
  2. Fixed my sister’s laptop (hard drive failure mid-vacation)
  3. Went to Universal Studios Hollywood after an 8-year absence (okay this was fun)
  4. Lots of driving around with family
  5. Dinner with two different groups of friends (also very nice)

I was thinking about a topic, but getting time to actually sit down and write, it’s not easy! I haven’t spent time with some people I haven’t seen in a while, and that is important!

I’m sure you have had the same feeling before, wanting to do your art but much distractions keep happening!
Gaia Moving Box

2: Packing and Moving Apartments Across Town

Right now, I am packing all of my stuff to move from Renton to North Seattle, and have only about 2 days to move. With roughly only my roommate Steve and myself to move, and don’t want to spend money on movers, we have got to get it done.

I do have a friend who is willing to help, but the moving schedule clashed, and that he would still be in Japan when I moved across town. I’m not gonna ruin his fun vacation.

I also am very particular on my stuff, in that I want everything handled right. I may not have large furniture like a couch or glass display cases to worry about, but I do have equipment that I only trust with myself to move, like my electronics and Gundam model kits.

Heck, even having the energy and awakeness to move all that stuff! Its down two flights and up three stairs, with no elevators at either location!

Winter Final Fantasy XIV Patch 3.4

3: Final Fantasy XIV Patch 3.4

Okay, after this blog post is published, the next major patch for the game comes out, with new raids, boss fights, and tons of content.

No, I am not going to wake up at 3AM PST just to patch, but will at least wake up normally at 6AM and start the patch.

But I am really excited and knowing my personality I would want to spend the next couple of days trying all the new additions!

There Will Be Relief and Writing Updates

Once the moving is done, and I have my room setup at my new place, and this blog will be back to regularly scheduled programming.

One of the next topics will be about my new Google Chromecast Audio, and how I setup my wireless audio system on the cheap.

How has your life affected your hobbies and art? Please write below!