Gaia and the NuPrime uDSD

An Equipment Upgrade! NuPrime uDSD

Recently I have upgraded my listening equipment with the new NuPrime uDSD portable DAC, the little unit Gaia is holding. Capable of up to 24-bit/384kHz PCM and DSD 256 (11.2MHz) support, this little unit has the ability to play all the current highest-end music available for purchase and download.

It came with the uDSD unit, a USB cable, and instruction/disclaimer/company background booklet, in a small, discreet box. Has a volume knob, with 3 options to choose for output: one 3.5mm headphone output in front, an RCA pair analog out, and a coaxial S/PDIF digital out.

All these features for just USD $179.00, which I bought from Amazon, making it such an amazing unit for portable high-res as well as a great starter for desktop listening. I paired it was an M-Audio ProFire 610 to act as an amp (I need a better amp), then connected to my Equator D5 monitors (great buy of monitors) to do more serious album listening.

NuPrime uDSD Closeup

Small and So Useful!

This will be my primary listening DAC unit, switching from the HiSonus UFO to this one. I wanted a better bang-for-the-buck portable, DSD-capable unit than the one I got from my job, and this one currently satisfied my need. More compact, less bright-lights (I sleep with music on), lower price and higher resolution support?

I was sold when searching online for a portable DSD-capable DAC. I plan to list more affordable units on this site, and of course when there is more money flow for me then post next tier units. But for now, as I am burning-in the unit for maximum listening experience (on my budget) and proceed to more album recommendations.

So far, this little guy packs a rather nice sound stage through my speakers. I also listened a bit using my Sennheiser 555 headphones and am pleased with the sound quality coming out of this little beast of a unit.

nuprimeudsdset2(uDSD with M-Audio ProFire 610, attached to Equator d5’s (not pictured))

So what is next for the listening equipment upgrades? A better, more-dedicated amplifier? Buying a JRiver Media Center over using Foobar2000? Upgrading the USB cable or analog cables (most likely not in the near future)?

What I am trying to do is to slowly upgrade the audio chain with affordable steps that breaks the bank before I get more albums and eat (I really like eating!), so nothing in the near future as I am budgeting and still trying to make this site better. Stay tuned!

NuPrime’s uDSD Page

Amazon Page for NuPrime uDSD Hi-resolution USB-powered Portable DAC (PCM 384, DSD 256) & Headphone Amp (I bought mine here)Nuprime on Amazon

Equator D5 Studio Monitors, bought directly

(This post was originally posted on June 8, 2015)