Again With The Changes!

First of all, if you have been still following me despite my lack of updates for half a year, thank you very much for still checking my site out! I was going through a bit of life ennui and listlessness, and I will admit I was just going through the motions of work and home. But I knew I still had to keep going, with my site and life.

If you are new here, welcome! I am Albert and here to help you with your budget-friendly needs to get Anime, Video Games, Vocaloid, and related albums at their best resolutions, as well as opinions and recommendations covering audio, music, and related within the Anime and Video Game worlds. Gone?

Yes, it is gone and there are no immediate plans to resurrect it. I found myself taking a lot of time just to update it, along with other real-life things it was taking a toll. Doing it by myself was honestly too much. If you need to know where to get a certain song or album, feel free to email me! I will get back as soon as I can.

Also, I am still thinking of stream-lining on how to get album info, maybe a newsfeed of some sorts? Just a way to not take too much time, I still want to inform but efficiently.

If you also have noticed I have moved the guides over here, and will update as sites change procedures and restrictions (like Ototoy with some region-lock as mentioned in my last post).

Cosmetic and Category Changes

Obviously the theme has changed. Yes I get bored after quite some time, I do the same with my room (re-arranging) or with video games (change my characters costumes), changing how things up keep me engaged. Same for music, I do not listen to an album or song over and over and over again. Maybe twice if the album or song just got released, but certainly not the same song for 10+ hours straight!

I also re-did some categories, to better reflect on limiting categories. It is part of my re-focus to provide more guides, as well as more recommendations on Anime and Video Game music, and some commentary.

I also took out Twitter, since most of my social media updates are linked in Facebook. Twitter was mainly used for re-listing my Facebook posts anyways. I am not really a fan of social media, I see it as a means of communication. You can still see my updates on Facebook, RSS is still active, and you can still reach my email at

Future Plans?

The re-focus is part of why this blog got a slight makeover is to also change what I want for this blog to go. I still want to help Anime and Video Game music fans with getting their albums at the best quality available, and to enjoy their music at the most cost-effective way possible.

I also added a bit of news when there are Anime, Video Game, and Vocaloid audio products that are released, with a small news widget at the top of the sidebar with small blurbs on the products themselves. Note I am not selling these items, just listing that they are available for purchased from other vendors.

Also, I still will do my You May Like This Album, as I still think there are gems of albums from Anime, Video Games, Vocaloid, and related albums that I would like to share. In essence it is a short-form quick blog post, which will be on the side.

More or less the same as I had before, but just getting a more-focused image of what I want to write about here, and sticking to the Anime and Video Game music fans that want higher quality soundtracks. Even if it is vinyl (I am still not a fan), but I can see why it was brought back and that fans want in vinyl enough that some video game soundtracks are getting released in that medium.

I am also open to suggestions! What would you like to see more of here (except downloads)?