Monoprice Subwoofer Winter

An (Affordable) Upgrade: Monoprice 8in Subwoofer

I finally got a better subwoofer for my 2.1 living room system: the Monoprice 8in Powered Subwoofer. Before that, I was using a cheap subwoofer that was part of a computer sound system that I just had lying around. I placed priority on my bedroom setup, but nothing on my living room deal. Having a new apartment with a bigger living room, I wanted something that would make my viewing and gaming experience better than I had before.

One .1 Speaker to Enhance It All

Now with this really affordable but powerful subwoofer (around $55.00 USD total when I got it), my budget theater system felt more complete. This front-firing speaker perfectly fit in my Ikea KALLAX cabinet, just take a look:
Monoprice Woofer in KALLAX

I mean, I honestly didn’t measure the size, but amazingly it fit right in one of the square spaces! No need to place it outside of the cabinet and make some space for it. The subwoofer comes with short legs, so the unit is not wholly on the resting surface. There is maybe a centimeter for clearance, so if you wanted an isolation pad for the subwoofer, better get something thin.

Also this unit comes with RCA input as well as high level inputs to fit whatever your configuration is. Best of all, there are two knobs in the back for Volume and Frequency, so you can adjust to the average level you would want for your sound output. It also has a switch in the back so you don’t waste electricity when not in use.

Great Value for Great Sound?

This unit is such a great value, with bass response that’s very rich and heavy. It may not suited for a really large room (or tiny room), or if you have really expensive equipment, but hey this blog is about making smarter buying purchases while balancing hobby expenses. My simple setup is mainly for music listening, movie and anime watching, and playing on my PS4, so I am glad with this.

For less than $60.00 USD, this subwoofer definitely packs such a deep punch! I play my Hi-Res files locally or via Chromecast, and the various lows are deep and full. If it doesn’t sound quite right out of the box, there are the two knobs I mentioned in the back to adjust for your room and taste.

You might also need to adjust your settings depending on your attached amplifier/receiver. For my setup, my receive only has a single input for a sub, so I had to attach the two RCA outputs to a Y-connector so the sound would even out.

Still not sold of a speaker that sound superb for its low price? Check out these reviews on Monoprice to see if it might be worth it to you.

Modest Upgrade for this Holiday Season

If the holiday season has you strapped for cash after spending on gifts for everyone you know, this subwoofer would be a great addition to your living room, or even bedroom setup. I am really liking this subwoofer (especially since it fits in my cabinet!), and am enjoying the days at home catching up to anime and playing video games on (will start Final Fantasy XV soon, especially with time off work).

Just be careful to not blast it too loud and have the neighbors complain. You wouldn’t want to be that guy/gal that blows his speaker and gets kicked out. Set it at a level that just “wows” you when playing your Hi-Res files or that movie that you needed to go see on Blu-Ray.

What modest electronic upgrade are you getting this season?