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Welcome to A Sound Upgrade, my name is Al.

I made this site in March 2015 initially to share the Anime & Video Game albums I found mostly on Japanese sites that offered in Hi-Res Audio. As an anime and video game fan, is well as a music and audio fan, I wanted to share albums that were great and sound better on a proper listening system.

But now I remade this site is here to share my thoughts on Anime, Video Games, Music, and aspects in between, and not just list albums available in Hi-Res (that is my sister site, Anime HD Audio List). This is now a proper (sort of) blog with my observations, thoughts, analysis, and musings of said subject matters.

Background to Now:

I started playing video games as a kid, watched anime starting in middle-school, and have always loved both till now. I also remembered the music of the said games and anime thoroughly, but found it hard to get soundtracks (this was when the internet was still young to the public, and dial-up AOL connection was the norm). Early on I even bought boot-leg anime and game soundtracks, collected all the anime and video game mp3s I could scour online, and took the time to cultivate and organize my collection.

I did many things to get involved in Anime in the United States, convention attendance and volunteer work (more than 5 years worth), having fun as a fan. I frequented arcades while they were still big in the mid 90’s/early 2000’s, going often to play the latest game at their best quality before console gaming beat arcades in terms of graphics. I also went back school for Music Technology and Audio Engineering, then to intern and eventually work in a music studio and distribution label for Hi-Res Music.

Looking back in my experience in Anime, Video Games, Audio, and everything in between, I decided to share my experience in a blog. I have tried a blog years ago on Blogger, but it was far too generic about my life and honestly it had no real focus. I also realized that I am an introvert and that is not a bad thing. Experiences at Anime Expo, Pacific Media Expo, E3, and other anime and video game events made me realize I preferred being alone or with a close group of less than 3 people at a time. I was not the glomping, super energetic, otaku-and-proud-of-it kind of fan, but more reserved and took my appreciation at stride.

My production-side experience in the audiophile world helped me further in my quest for better anime and video game audio. MP3s and iTunes just felt limited and after studying about audio, too inaccurate of sound and enjoyable audio. I know that many fans out there are fine and dandy with MP3s and iTunes, but I wondered if there are fans out there that wanted a more enjoyable experience with their music than what is apparently available.

Purpose and Hope:

I also wondered about other aspects of private enjoyment of anime and video games can be maximized without killing your wallet, such as TVs, Blu-Rays, cameras, computers, and other aspects I think helps other fans who prefer to their personal areas. This can mainly mean a bedroom or living/family room in their house, but also if you are going to work and take a bus/subways and need to have headphones with you phone watching video or playing a game.

I would want to help with attaining affordable quality for your personal experience. I have not had too much money at my disposal, still struggling on work myself, so I sought to keep my intense interests but afford to support the industry as well as live decently. Getting what I wanted after days of research on the best bang-for-you-buck items.

I am also constantly learning about web design, writing, electronics, photography, audio composition, and many other things. This site will be a constant work-in-progress. Constant improvements, in the time frame and financial constraints that are placed on me, is my theme in life reflected on this blog as I attempt to help you a bit on yours.

Thanks again for your visit here, as we make a sound upgrade on your fan experience! (Ahahah, yeah…..that was lame…..I apologize)