Gaia Welcomes You Back

A Sound Upgrade is back!

Hello all! This is Albert here, with the version 2.0 of A Sound Upgrade. As you can see the site is visually different, and also functionally different. I have moved the album listings to a new domain at, where as this site is mainly a blog site that retains the articles from the old

I also have this site as a way to showcase more of the original art by Steve (RaptorGear), who those who have been at the old version of the site, provided the original art for the blog posts. He will have more art under the Winter & Gaia series, and occasionally contribute blog posts as well.

This site is still a constant work-in-progress, as I upgrade my systems and by ability for web development. I hope for more functionality, and if you have any suggestions feel free to drop a line in the comments, or message me by clicking the envelop icon on the top right.