Gaia Should Have Waited

A Better Version is Available!?!?

Your favorite TV series out on DVD, coming out on Blu-Ray 6 months later. The S/G/Z/Plus version of your favorite phone. Re-issue of a Disney or Star Wars Original Trilogy from VHS to DVD, then to Blu-Ray. Many have had to agonize over having to buy again media/a work of art simply because the newer one is clearer, has more features, better battery life, looks or sound better.

You will then most likely spend the extra cash for that better item, and the older, not-as-great one might either collect dust, handed as a present, or donated. This inevitability will repeat as advances in technology keeps coming (this is not a bad thing!).

Arguably the newer product or version will not always be better at everything (say the Star Wars Trilogy remaster) but for the sake of argument let’s say the newer one is better.

Higher Resolution Album is Now Available

Over the week a good yet face-palm event happened. As I have previously complained about in an earlier post about how albums I bought on Bandcamp were of CD Resolution, and finding that Hi-Res versions existed on a site I cannot buy the music, my wish came true: Ototoy now has the rights for the Tokyo Audio Waffle series of albums, in 24-bit, 96kHz, and six of them for sale (they are available on E-Onkyo, but I can’t buy from there, nor from Mora where they have been listed for a while)!

Maybe if I just waited I could have bought these, but because of certain regional licensing I did not find out in time. Here are the page listings to buy the 6 albums:

I mean the same thing happens when there is an anime series that comes out on DVD, then later comes out in Blu-Ray (early 2000’s this happened more), or when a PS3 game gets a PS4 edition, with more characters and bonus levels or costumes (Street Fighter is notorious for this sequel stagnation). As a person who does not have a ton of money at his disposal, I make careful purchases and make sure I do not double purchase a product.

In the case of the Lord of the Rings Trilogy, I did not buy the DVDs or Blu-Rays as soon as they came out, because of the extended versions coming out later. Luckily I bought the complete extended set in one case for only $70.00 at Best Buy.

Similarly, I am playing the waiting game for the new Star Trek movies when they finish the trilogy, or when all Rebirth of Evangelion movies are released and might be bundled into one box set in the USA. But I know this may not always work in my favor, and as those who have had to re-buy their favorite stuff again for supposedly “better” versions.

Gaia says Shut Up and Take My Money(….well when I actually have money….)

Actually, I do not regret my purchase and supporting a group that I believe should get recognition. But from seeing it first-hand, as well as a fear that I have, that you would want to have as much exposure for your music to as much people as you can. But working with various distributors, physical and digital media, each of them have their own contracts, agreements, and not-cheap fees to host and promote your works of art.

I am glad though that there is a way to purchase the high-resolution music that I wanted. I started this site with the sole purpose of informing others of better versions of their favorite anime and video game are available, or at least available in CD-equivalent form but no need to buy the entire CD if you like only a couple of tracks.

Has any of you made a purchase then months later a better version came out? Or wish for any albums you want either available for purchase, or even a higher resolutions released for the public? Respond below!

(This post was originally posted on June 15, 2015)