Raquelle on Stairs

Listening to Music on the GO

Despite wanting to stay inside as much as possible under your cozy blanket, right in the sanctuary called your room, there are times when you must go outside the the real world and enjoy your portable music. Many of you had a very good reason to go outside more often than usual: Pokemon GO just came out! Collecting all the Pokemon by catching them sort of in the real world, and [ . . . ]

The moving process

Sometimes Upgrades Aren’t Easy (or Cheap):

When playing video games, usually to get better items you would need the right amount of money to get them. It may involve farming for cash, hunting the right materials (in some cases defeating a really hard optional boss for just a CHANCE at said item), or even buying at different parts of the days (and then there’s event-only items). Sometimes in the case of DLCs you have to use [ . . . ]

Gaia and the Simple Audio Setup

Road Trip and Audio Listening

The featured image has the simplistic audio set-up I used to play music through my rent-a-car for my road trip. This one is a very basic set-up, which is my Sony Xperia Z3V phone connected to a male-to-male 3.5mm cord, then the other end attached to an audio jack in the car. The audio then plays out of the car’s audio system. This is for my current road trip from [ . . . ]