Ototoy: How to Purchase Songs & Albums

This is a quick guide on how to purchase songs & albums at Ototoy.jp. If you have not registered for an account, follow this link. To purchase and download your songs & albums, follow these steps: On an Ototoy Album page, you can select the format for the entire album purchase or for individual song purchase (you are also able to preview the songs by clicking on the numbered circles [ . . . ]

Ototoy: How to Register for an Account

This is a quick guide on how to register for an account at Ototoy.jp. If you have not registered for an account, follow these steps: To register, click the link as circled on the following picture: Check the box “I agree” then fill in your email address and complete the CAPTCHA. When done then click the large green button: After you click the green button, you will get a message [ . . . ]

Gaia Fixing AnimeHdAudioList

Major AnimeHDAudio Update

In a previous article where I lamented on region-lock, I have just done something to change that. Over the past few days, I have made a major change at the other site, AnimeHDAudioList.info. I found a way to buy albums that had the “Japan-Only” tags to them. This update is such a relief to myself and possibly the lurkers that wanted those albums but had no easy way to purchase [ . . . ]

Gaia Should Have Waited

A Better Version is Available!?!?

Your favorite TV series out on DVD, coming out on Blu-Ray 6 months later. The S/G/Z/Plus version of your favorite phone. Re-issue of a Disney or Star Wars Original Trilogy from VHS to DVD, then to Blu-Ray. Many have had to agonize over having to buy again media/a work of art simply because the newer one is clearer, has more features, better battery life, looks or sound better. You will [ . . . ]

Gaia Can't Buy Albums

The Dread of Region-Lock

Ahh, as many of you have seen on my other site, AnimeHDAudioList.info, as well as on the old version of ASoundUpgrade.com, there has been many albums given the tag you don’t want to see: JAPAN-ONLY. Unless you have a Japanese credit card, have a friend willing to buy for you, or found a way to circumvent that, you and I are not likely to be able to purchase those albums [ . . . ]