Gaia Enjoying an Addictive Song

That Song (Earworm) Is Still Stuck in My Head!

Have you ever watched an Anime series (or played a game and watched the intro) and after the opening song played, you found in your head it was stuck on repeat? Was there an ending song that just touched you emotionally that you had to hear it again and again? Did you go out of your way to just find that song online or paid the extra cash just to [ . . . ]

Gaia listening to Hi-Res Music

Hi-Res Music: How to Listen and Love Your Audio

Now, some of you reading this may have or have not bought yet Anime and Video Game Hi-Res Music albums. Maybe you are wondering if your listening setup is ready for Hi-Res Music, ones where the sound quality hitting your ears are better than playing back mp3s or from iTunes. Well, here is a basic guide on how to listen to your music. Common components that playback music, such as [ . . . ]