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When to Buy Physical or Digital Music

In a previous post commenting on the merit of owning either physical or digital forms for your music, I left it up to you to decide. But what if you wanted a physical and the best resolution/format? In terms of movie and video games, it is usually very easy: you buy them and have a nice ‘trophy’ to place on your shelf or monument of geekdom. But for music, that [ . . . ]

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A Marriage of Vinyl & Digital?

While more of the general public prefer streaming and not “owning their music” there are those of us that want to collect music (like on vinyl)! I know it gets me excited when I purchase a new album, don’t you? Let’s look at one company who, despite many industry reports of music sales going down, have proved that they can make money from selling music (the way fans want it): [ . . . ]

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Something Better Than CD or Vinyl Please!

A couple of weeks ago, there was a news article about an HD Vinyl patent, which is supposed to be a better Vinyl for music collectors. Honestly, this is not the direction physical audio media should be going! I am not a fan of vinyl, old or new, in any matter. They are big and clunky, hard to maintain, and very limited on how much music they can hold. I [ . . . ]

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Are There Any Anime Music Fans Out There (That Hate Lossy Music)?

For starters, if you are reading this blog, the high chance you are an anime and/or video game music fan. Now, many otaku and gamers can say they like the soundtracks, vocal songs, and music from their favorite shows or games, but thanks to scouring the internet you can find the soundtracks to your stuff rather easily. If you wanted to legitimately buy the music, one would just need to [ . . . ]

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Don’t Limit How Your Album is Released!

In October 2015, there was an announcement of a new Famicom/NES cartridge album coming out, called 8bit Music Power. A new NES game, in 2015? Well it is not a game, but rather an album of chiptune songs. The album is apparently going to be release only for the Famicom system (not compatible with a NES, but they might make an NES version of demand is high enough), so if [ . . . ]

Most Important in Hi-Res Audio

The Most Important Part in Hi-Res Audio Listening

For those that know what it takes to have the ultimate audio (and video) setup for their experience, much time, money, research, and fine-tuning is done to have the system that they are happy with and wholeheartedly enjoying. For those that are new to making their best setup, there are basic things that one would need to start: Speakers/Headphones DAC (Digital Audio Converters) & Amplifier(s) Source Media (IE a computer [ . . . ]

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One Hi-Res Store Bites The Dust

Over the week, one of the Japanese Hi-Res stores I rarely frequent,, had a new notice that popped up: They would no longer be selling Hi-Res files starting July 1st, although anyone who purchased before that date can still download their files. What does this mean? Are they going out of business, or are they only going to sell mp3s? Is there any other information as to why they [ . . . ]

Gaia skeptical on Anime Earphones

Earphones Made For Anime Songs

I first saw these headphones from a newsletter I subscribe to called Tokyo Otaku Mode, and I saw an article about these so-called earphones “made for Anime songs.” This product is TDK’s new neo:n line of headphones. Of course, something like this gimmick is nothing new, like “Made for Hip-Hop” “Mastered for iTunes” and other fancy marketing terms so people would be buy products solely for name, looks, and sense [ . . . ]