Raquelle on Stairs

Listening to Music on the GO

Despite wanting to stay inside as much as possible under your cozy blanket, right in the sanctuary called your room, there are times when you must go outside the the real world and enjoy your portable music. Many of you had a very good reason to go outside more often than usual: Pokemon GO just came out! Collecting all the Pokemon by catching them sort of in the real world, and [ . . . ]

Winter Indecision

Hi-Res Starter Equipment for Your Audio Upgrade

Ahh, the holidays are coming on us, and instead of going to too much parties, you would want to stay home to watch Anime, have a Netflix marathon, play all those games you bought and had never time to play because work/school, listen to all your music albums, or whatever you like doing on the holidays. The previous week I mentioned on recommendations for starter equipment you will need. Well, [ . . . ]

Gaia skeptical on Anime Earphones

Earphones Made For Anime Songs

I first saw these headphones from a newsletter I subscribe to called Tokyo Otaku Mode, and I saw an article about these so-called earphones “made for Anime songs.” This product is TDK’s new neo:n line of headphones. Of course, something like this gimmick is nothing new, like “Made for Hip-Hop” “Mastered for iTunes” and other fancy marketing terms so people would be buy products solely for name, looks, and sense [ . . . ]