Final Fantasy XV Group Picture

Final Fantasy XV: A Great Journey

The latest main title of the Final Fantasy series has finally been released after ten years of development: Final Fantasy XV. Previously known as Final Fantasy Versus XIII, I played my copy during the latter half of December, when I had more time off from work and extra hours to play. I will give my impressions of this game without spoiling for those who have not played it yet. The [ . . . ]

Gaia Point

Balancing Money for Your Hobbies

Some of you who are Anime and/or Video Game fans might be also audiophiles, or at least want better equipment to enjoy your shows and games. Maybe you have browsed audiophile sites and maybe lurked at some forums and got super jealous at others’ fancy and pricey equipment. You also may have noticed that the price of equipment is rather high, and certainly out of most of your budget ranges [ . . . ]

Final Fantasy Record Keeper Soundtrack

YMLTA: Final Fantasy Record Keeper OST

For this month’s You May Like This Album, it is another video game soundtrack, but this one is more of a remix and rearrangement album. This album is the soundtrack for mobile game Final Fantasy Record Keeper. In this game, you venture onto various worlds and “Realms” that are taken from other Final Fantasy games. You also will get bonus party members from various other Final Fantasy games, and everything [ . . . ]

Winter Cannot Priorotize

Time Management: You Can’t Do Everything!

Hi all, it’s been a while since I last updated. Yes, I have been quite busy with an online MMORPG called Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn. Just like getting any new video game, or marathon-ing a finished anime show, I will find myself absorbed and devote much of my time to the game or show. But when I finish the last episode and anything left are mainly Blu-Ray/DVD bonuses, [ . . . ]

Reqq out of his mind FFXIV

Final Fantasy XIV: An Introvert Reborn

Hi readers, hope you are enjoying the holidays that have passed. For myself I have been quite busy wasting my time, but I am not ashamed of it. As the title suggests, I just started playing Final Fantasy XIV on my PC and have been rather marathon-ing the past few days on it. I am off from work for a week, and wanted to kill time while not venturing out [ . . . ]

Final Fantasy VII Cloud's back

Final Fantasy VII Remake: Let the Upgrade Commence

In the past few days, a gameplay trailer for the upcoming Final Fantasy VII Remake has surfaced, featuring scenes and gameplay of the Bombing Mission event. While this game is not the number one Final Fantasy game I wanted remade (I really wanted a modern version of Final Fantasy VI), but due to its popularity, part VII is being made. Overall, while the graphics are being praised among numerous fans, [ . . . ]