Best Free Music Player for Windows and MAC

Your vast collection of music, whether you bought physical CDs or Digital Downloads (heck even ripped from Vinyl) is now sitting across your hard drives in your computer. You want to play them back, but depending on the source resolution, built-in standard music players like iTunes or Windows Media Player might not cut it. Instead of playing your different format files (WAV, FLAC, ALAC, AIFF, DSF, DFF, WV, APE, MP3, [ . . . ]

Winter and Computer Frustrations

The Price of Either Fixing Up or Building A New Computer

How many people out there still likes to build their own personal desktop computer? How many would rather buy a pre-build desktop computer? For me, I like the enjoyment of going to the shop and building my own personal computer. I have already been through three personal computers that I built and while I could of purchased a shop build PC, there wasn’t the satisfaction of being able to do [ . . . ]