Gaia at Miku Expo in Seattle

Go and Experience a Vocaloid Concert!

As I have mentioned on last week’s article, I went to see my second Vocaloid concert, MikuExpo and although I had some doubts on going, I went and have to say I had a blast! So for those who haven’t gone to a Vocaloid concert before, try one out (especially the official concerts)! What is Vocaloid? For those not familiar with Vocaloid, it is a software and “synth” that emulates [ . . . ]

Introvert in the Outside World

As an introvert, I love the sanctuary of my room in my apartment, with all my entertainment needs of video games and computer systems. Going out usually involves either earning or spending money, and any other reason to go outside are not done in a routine basis. But there are times when I have to experience new things, or be around (gasp!) many people. Yes those days when staying at [ . . . ]