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Balancing Money for Your Hobbies

Some of you who are Anime and/or Video Game fans might be also audiophiles, or at least want better equipment to enjoy your shows and games. Maybe you have browsed audiophile sites and maybe lurked at some forums and got super jealous at others’ fancy and pricey equipment. You also may have noticed that the price of equipment is rather high, and certainly out of most of your budget ranges [ . . . ]

Gaia Shocked to Find BOOTH

The Beauty of Self-Publishing Music Sites

Today I discovered another self-publishing site for your music: A sister site to the popular art platform social site Pixiv, this site you can sell albums, manga, cosplay items, illustrations, and other goods that I am still discovering! I was just excited to find Vocaloid, Touhou Project, and other doujin/fanmade albums available for purchase. Although from what I have seen in my preliminary findings is that artists upload usually [ . . . ]