Anime HD Audio Redirect Page

Anime HD Audio List Gone?

End of an Era Hi! If you came to this page from, that site is now shut down. I realized I did not have the time to update the site every day, and would rather focus on this blog as well as other projects. If you need to find a specific anime or video game-related album, especially if it is in Hi-Res, feel free to email me at [ . . . ]

Touhou Aya

What Would You Like to See More?

Hello all! This week’s post is not an extensive one like my previous postings. Allow me to cut to the chase: I need help! I have been fumbling around with ideas to write about this week, about the buzz with MQA, current anime season stuff, more about introversion, many topics that I just couldn’t settle on. I would not call it a writer’s block, but rather just that I have stumbled [ . . . ]

Gaia Welcomes You Back

A Sound Upgrade is back!

Hello all! This is Albert here, with the version 2.0 of A Sound Upgrade. As you can see the site is visually different, and also functionally different. I have moved the album listings to a new domain at, where as this site is mainly a blog site that retains the articles from the old I also have this site as a way to showcase more of the original [ . . . ]