Gamers! Keita Chiaki

Enjoying Your Media Solo (That is Not a Bad Thing)

As with many hobbies, the deeper and more intimate your passion goes, eventually you will hone in on what you like precisely like. You find that you talk more with someone who shares a similar breadth or depth of knowledge that you have.   Let’s take Anime for example: You prefer mystery and suspense over action and romance. For mystery and suspense, you prefer serious stories over lighter fare. You [ . . . ]

Introvert in the Outside World

As an introvert, I love the sanctuary of my room in my apartment, with all my entertainment needs of video games and computer systems. Going out usually involves either earning or spending money, and any other reason to go outside are not done in a routine basis. But there are times when I have to experience new things, or be around (gasp!) many people. Yes those days when staying at [ . . . ]

Winter Cannot Priorotize

Time Management: You Can’t Do Everything!

Hi all, it’s been a while since I last updated. Yes, I have been quite busy with an online MMORPG called Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn. Just like getting any new video game, or marathon-ing a finished anime show, I will find myself absorbed and devote much of my time to the game or show. But when I finish the last episode and anything left are mainly Blu-Ray/DVD bonuses, [ . . . ]

Reqq out of his mind FFXIV

Final Fantasy XIV: An Introvert Reborn

Hi readers, hope you are enjoying the holidays that have passed. For myself I have been quite busy wasting my time, but I am not ashamed of it. As the title suggests, I just started playing Final Fantasy XIV on my PC and have been rather marathon-ing the past few days on it. I am off from work for a week, and wanted to kill time while not venturing out [ . . . ]

Renton Room

Private Space Again!

As of this writing, it has been officially two weeks living at my new apartment in Renton, WA. Gaia is here presenting¬†my room setup: simple, quaint, and not much frills. I have my computer desk, TV entertainment center with 2.1 speakers with PS3, my bed, my Roland Gaia keyboard, and not much else (yes I have clothes, I’m not just running around as a naked hooligan). I could have shelves [ . . . ]